95 seadoo

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    95 SeaDoo Xp700

    I recently bought a 95 SeaDoo Xp700 & 97 Yamaha Waveraider 1100. We used them for a week on vacation & had minor starting issues. I changed the plugs on both, which helped. But I’d really like to get some needed Maintenance done on these because they do seem to be in good shape for 25 year old...
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    95 seadoo sportster stall

    Hi there, I am struggling with a 1995 seadoo sportster that I recently acquired. It has the 657x engine. Amongst other issues I have encountered, here is the most recent: I rebuilt the carbs and had it out on the lake and was running great. I was idling into shore and it stalled. Got it home...
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    95 sea doo xp vts button

    hi, i just bought a 95 seadoo xp and i was wondering wat the vts button was for? any info is help full thank you.