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    '97 Gsi Missing at Idle

    My '97 Gsi(with 160 Hours) is starting to miss at idle until it warms up. I can feel it when I start it & pull away from the launch ramp. It won't stall but it feels like 1 cylinder is cutting out then it comes back again. Once I throttle up from idle it is fine. After it warms...
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    2005 Seadoo GTI 720 Pipe Compatible / Swap

    Just bought my first ski. It is a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720. the tuned pipe is corroded and has sprung a hole (same spot as many I have seen). The pipe is quite corroded I would probably be better getting a used pipe on ebay. What years / models are compatible with a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720? Just...
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    mod's? 1999 speedster sk twin 718's

    I just bought this 99 speedster sk and I really like it but id like to give it a bit more power and I dont really know what my options are. Can anyone give me a few ideas
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    2001 GTS Exhaust Manifold

    We just bought our 2001 GTS 720, ran it for about 30 minutes when my overheat alarm came on. Pulled in to find a stripped bolt in my exhaust manifold. The question. Are the white manifolds (part#290979141) and the silver manifolds (part#290979142) interchangeable on the 718 engines? This...