5 amp fuse blows blown

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    Solenoid blowing 5A fuse in 93 XP

    Went to start ski and had nothing. Found that the 5A fuse on MPEM was blown. upon replace and battery connect blows immediately, so started disconnecting wires to mpem to try to find cause before changing MPEM. Discovered that the wire to the solenoid is the cause for fuse pop, as remove...


    I bought a 1999 Seadoo GTX Limited 951 this winter. I replaced small miscellaneous items, stator, solenoid, and the mpem. The mpem was fried when I got it so when I replaced it I tried to start it and it would blow the 5amp fuse. I then replaced the stator and pickup today and it still is...
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    1997 gti MPEM diode zapped and replaced 3 times (and counting)

    Ok so I am becoming a professional diode replacer. I have just replaced my third diode on my mpem and will be installing it back in the pwc tomorrow. To clarify: My diode zaps have been during a throttle increase and not decelerating. I have also gotten 3-4 hours of run time in between diode...