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    Hello! my 2005 Speedster 200 310HP , dies when cold on idle, when warm up no problem

    Hello everybody, thanks for taking your time to read my post and maybe help find a solution to my little issue. I have a 2005 Speedster 200 310 HP that i bought it about 15 months ago and this year when i when i take it out it seems that the left engine does not want to stay running at cold...
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    Dealer has a NEW 2006 Speedster 200 (310hp), what's the best price?

    Hey guys, I found a SeaDoo dealer that has a NEW 2006 Speedster 200 (310hp) for sale. The general manager on the phone told me I could have it for $24,000. I asked if the $3000 rebate was good on the 2006 models and he said yes. What kind of price do you guys think I should offer? Or...