255 hp

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    Seadoo fan from germany

    Hi, because jetboot szene in germany is not big as in staates, i try to get in contact to other seadoo speedster owners. i own a seadoo speedster from 1996 which i already built in 4 motors, not happy with quality. In 2012 i bought a speedster 150 with 255 hp. Nice toy ! Changend cpu programm...
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    New to Seadooforum.com

    I just bought a 2009 Speedster 150 255 SC .... and LOVE it! Hit 55 mph the 2nd time out! I hit 6 hours over the 4th of July weekend. Then I lost one of my plugs. The dealer sent me a new one at no charge. Is it possible to use the old style rubber plugs in the same hole? I don't trust the...