2012 challenger 210

  1. D

    2012 Seadoo Challenger Emblem “O”

    On my 2012 Seadoo Challenger 210 S there is silver letting on each side of the boat that says “Seadoo” and the “O” has fallen off. Would anyone know where I can get a replacement “O” to stick back on there. It’s a raised metal silver “O”. Attached a picture for reference. Thanks!
  2. Bchomyn

    Tri-Color Marine Mat (Seadek) on 2012 Challenger 210 Wake 430

    Recently picked up some Marine Mat from Jetboatpilot.com. Just installed this past week.
  3. R

    New 2012 Challenger 210 with isues

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 2012 challenger 210 single 255 hp. Its had computer issues from day one... check engine light is on and the different modes will not activate. It also tops out at 40 mph and 7600 rpm with one person in the boat. Does anyone know if this is low? The dealer has...