2005 challenger 180

  1. coulter.daniel

    Random Engine/Cavitation Issues 2005 Challenger 180

    Hello all, I bought my first boat last week. My family and I are excited, but almost immediately we ran into issues. I’ve read through a bunch of the forums here and elsewhere and have tried out several things, but I continue to run into issues. Thank you to anyone who can provide any help or...
  2. C

    2005 Challenger 180 SC mpem trouble

    HI there, I recently rebuilt the motor in my '05 challenger 180 SC. It runs great and all seems we'll until i get out into open water and open up the throttle. At WOT the boat will cruise for about 1 to 2 minutes then she'll start to spit and sputter, lose power and act like its going to stall...
  3. J

    2005 Challenger 180 test ride on Friday

    Hello All! Great experience in your forum so far. I am looking at a 2005 Challenger 180 with the 185 motor. I will be doing a sea test on Friday along with a compression test and was wondering if there are any specific other things I should look for regarding the seaworthyness of this boat. I...
  4. T

    2005 Challenger 180 waketower install

    Hi, Looking for some help on how and where to install a waketower on my 05 seadoo C180. I purchased the joystick tower, having seen pictures of my boat with this tower on it. I can see the general location, just not sure on how to get into the bow. Through speakers, cupholders, removing seat...