2002 rxdi

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    2002 Seadoo RXDI

    Good morning, I recently purchased a new to me 2002 RXDI, the HIN is 5596, when I look on seadoo warehouse it shows a 5596 as a GTX, any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU
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    Vts not working

    Hey everyone recently bought a 2002 rx di as an upgrade to a prior ski but on the last ride of the year the vts was stuck in the up position and I was not able to adjust it. It would just click when trying to put it down and make no noise at all when trying to move it up. I removed the vts motor...
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    02 RXDI bogging at WOT

    Hi, new to the forum! So I bought an 02 RXDI a couple months back. I had to change the rectifier when I first got it, but it’s been running fantastic since then. Today when I took it out, it ran great for a while, maybe 10-15 mins. Eventually I started bogging at WOT, and my RPMS sputter in the...
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    2002 RX DI - What would be a good price?

    I have found a 2002 RX DI for sale and was wondering if this would be a good ski and what a good offering price would be for it? Here are the details: -Freshwater only -2 owners - 230hrs -Clean title -Stored indoors and covered entire life -YachtClub trailer with good tires -Clean, no rips...