2002 gtx di parts

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    Seadoo GTX DI Parts

    I bought two SeaDoo’s one with trailer which has title and one with no trailer and no title for parts. They both are 2002 GTX DI. I have to swap the parts Seadoo engine to the other one. The titled seadoo's engine is badly seized with a lot of corrosion in and out. My question would be what to...
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    02 GTX DI pump housing replacement plastic to Aluminum

    Anyone help me find an aluminum housing that would work with an 02 GTX DI, that would replace the plastic housing? What do I need to look for, what works, etc. Also, any help finding a pump reducer? Out of stock everywhere I look. P/N :291001761 Saw one similar, but looks to be wrong internal...
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    Looking for a DI head

    Hi I am new to the site but have been in the sport for many years. So please bear with me if I am posting in the wrong place. I have a 2002 Seadoo GTXDI that I bought with a blown motor. I bought a core motor from an 01 that was in good shape I rebuilt the motor but realized that the...