2001 xp

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    Unknow plastic object wrapped around impeller

    Last summer we had something get stuck in one of our seadoos jet pump and we don’t know if it’s from the seadoo or if it’s something that was sucked up from the lake. We looked at the schematics and we did not see anything that looks like the remnants that where twisted up in the impeller...
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    2001 XP (# 951CARB) Possible Thrown Rod Bearing, maybe oil pump

    2001 XP (# 951CARB) Possible Thrown Rod Bearing:confused: 2002 GTX Bombardier 4-TEC 2001 XP (951) carb Hi fellow water-sport enthusiasts! My friend and I went out to Parker, AZ, a few weeks ago to the Colorado river…we live in the “OC” (Orange County, Ca., not Florida) so it’s about a...