1995 sea doo xp 720

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    1995 XP Piston Removal?

    I got the PTO cylinder off this PM. What a time it took to unscrew the allen bolt holding the pipe to the manifold! Had to work at a snails pace given the lack of space. Grinded my allen key shorter on each end to work at it. The piston is cooked on the manifold side with the rings melted into...
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    95 seadoo xp wont turn over

    I have a 1995 sea doo xp 720 I bought in may and it ran great once it was started. It has always taken quite a few turns to get going after sitting for a couple days. Went to go start it this weekend and it wouldn't turn over. All I got was a very faint crackling type noise and after about 20 to...