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    Bottle cap cripples my 210 Challenger !!

    I had a piece of sea weed stop mine,had to jump in the lake and swim under and pull this little thing of grass out. If course it happens in the roughest and busiest area of the lake on the 4th.
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    looking for seadoo propulsion system service tools

    I did mine a month or so ago and only had the shaft support and I bought a tool on eBay that looks like a bent pry bar with a fork and to slide the ring back. Cut 2 2x4 to lay over the engine bay opening to lay on and maybe a pad or pillow on it. This makes it a lot easier! The jobs not bad at...
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    Screwed myself out of $5700- need repair help / advise please

    The pump housing I have found out by replacing mine that the non supercharged and supercharged r the same. The impeller is different and drive shaft bigger on super charged models. It looks like he sucked up a ton of gravel and beat the crap out of the pump and impeller. I have a couple stock...
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    2012 SEADOO 210 260HP

    I noticed that on the S model they test the swim deck seats don't have the lounger like my SE does and it must not have the ski mode since they said it only has eco, docking and regular modes. But the speed with one motor is just a little slower then my twin non supercharged model and I don't...
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    2012 Sea-Doo Boat Service Manuals

    I bought my service manual for my 2012 210 on eBay, brand new just recopied I think
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    I need to add some coolant to my 2012 210 what other then over priced seadoo coolant are you using? Also ideas on getting the plugs out of the heat exchangers that won't budge? Or another way to flush the systsm. Thanks
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    Pump housing O-rings and seals

    I understand! I am on a learning curve myself. The only reason I thought it was the mount was because I just got mine all back together finally. Mine had salt water damage that I had to fix from a previous owner.
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    SOLD 2012 SeaDoo Challenger 210 w/Wake Tower & Twin 155's

    I have the same boat less the tower, I bought it used and have no idea.what cooler they have what do you use for the built in? Mine has teak seadeck but I was close to going with the gray! Both look good
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    Found my leak

    3m 4200 is what I used, I'm not sure how well the stuff I use at work will work in a boat. Yes the cable is for the weedless systsm.
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    New to me tow vehicle

    Just bought this a 2013 durango RT and got rid of the 2011 Silverado. She definitely has more power
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    Found my leak

    The white sealant has a bolt threw it and not. I think its were the drive shaft shield is bolted threw because the screws are small. I tighten everything up and replaced the sealer on the ones that I saw leaking. Going to put it in the water this weekend and run everything. I am taking it to...
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    2012 SEADOO 210 260HP

    I seen that listed in my service manual but I've never even seen one for sale. It would be interesting to see how it does with one like mine that is a 210 non supercharged with twin 155s let us know what you find out
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    Pump housing O-rings and seals

    Is that the pump housing or the mount for the pump? It looks more like the mount attached to the boat were you bolt the pump on. If it's the pump housing take it to a dealer and have them get u the rite parts. If it's the mount you will have to take the boat in or show them the picture.
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    Trailering long distance with a cover

    It's not a factory cover, I just bought one last summer for mine. The poppy cover is made for towing and has the vents in it to let the air make it a vacuum so it doeant swell up. I bought supports for mine to help keep it up with no low points for when it rains. But these are very heavy duty...
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    Found my leak

    These are the ones I found leaking a steady stream of water.