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    240 EFI M2 odd beeping as engine briefly stalls

    You are mixing units- a little confusing. Are you measuring VOLTS or AMPS?
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    Loss of power at full throttle

    STOP running your engine until you find out why you don't have a full stream out the pee hole. It can cost you a piston/rebuild job! $1000-$4000! Typical reason for less than full flow is a bug nest in the hose from pee hole to port cyl. head. I keep the pee hole taped over all the time...
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    Painful sight on Aruba in the Caribbean...

    I would also like to convert to a 4-stroke, but I can't afford it. The Verados in that power range are all straight 6 cyl., too tall for the engine bay. I priced a full dress 250 Yami about 3 years ago-- $14k. Too rich for me. If the spline shaft would fit any other crank, that would be the...
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    Engine oil difference

    You did not say what engine you have..... Very important for troubleshooting. I have been swapping between Merc Premium and Merc Premium Plus. Neither smokes much for me. If you have the EFI engine, I would suspect you might have sticking or leaking injectors. Possibly pressure regulator is...
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    Compression test? 240 EFI Mercury M2 GEN. 1.

    You can try, but unless you have a flow bench and are experienced repairing Keihin injectors, I don't think you will have much success. It was well worth the expense. My engine almost always starts in under 5 seconds. Very little smoke.
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    Compression test? 240 EFI Mercury M2 GEN. 1.

    Use extreme caution! Turn on bilge blower. Connect a good battery charger. Remove all the spark plugs. Key off! Advance throttle to full WOT. Connect gauge to your favorite spark plug hole. Use a mechanic test switch, connect to red battery cable and small terminal on the starter solenoid...
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    wake board tower for 2002 Sea doo Challenger?

    I have a 2001 Chal. 2000. I found my tower new on ebay for $950. But that was about 10 years ago. I always wished I had been able to get the OEM tower for Chal. X20.
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    Sea doo Challenger 2000 240 EFI gen 1 bogging down.

    But you did not say if test was done at Wide Open Throttle. Your numbers are low--- trying to figure out why. Idle is high for being in the water. Take a close look at the link to the oil pump. Is it correct? Is it holding the throttle open slightly?
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    Sea doo Challenger 2000 240 EFI gen 1 bogging down.

    Who hasn't picked up a rope on the shaft? Those that have and those that will. 2 for me. A thought on this problem-- Could the stroke/metering link be on the wrong side of center? That is -- full oil at idle and minimal oil at WOT. Backwards. Causing overheat and bogging. If still running...
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    TPS test with Digital multimeter

    Glad I could help. But I do hate that _____ tps!
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    TPS test with Digital multimeter

    208mV = 0.208V. If you don't show voltage @ WOT, bad news- time to BOAT. Just saw NIB unit on ebay for $592. Just to be sure- do both resistance tests. SMOOTH transition. This test is actually easier with an old style analog (needle) meter.
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    What do I need to know before buying a 2003 utopia 205 with 240 Merc

    Check the rubber bellows on the steering and shift cable ends at the steering nozzle. The should be soft, flexible and intact. No cracks. Cracks will let water enter the cable and make it rust and fail. Neither is too difficult or expensive to replace, but could be a negotiating point.
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    TPS test with Digital multimeter

    Assuming you have the 240 EFI engine- There are several threads here about the infamous, crazy stupid expensive Merc TPS. I wrote some of them. Let's back up a bit. How are you connecting to the tps? There is a VOLTAGE SETTING procedure and a RESISTANCE TEST procedure. For the voltage set...
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    Stalling while out on water

    You did not say what engine you have- I think there were 3 different engines used. If you are getting 49 mph, it sounds like the engine is mechanically OK. If you have the 240 EFI, here is something for you to check. On the injector pump (Merc calls it the vapor separator tank vst), port side...
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    2003 Utopia Jet Drive Ring Repair and Impeller Replacement

    I seem to remember about $60 for my socket. Years ago. Check ebay. Remove your grate. there are 2 flats on the shaft that you can use an adjustable wrench on. Takes 2 people. That nut is on TIGHT. 150 ft-#. Don't take off the WR yet. Shim under impeller blade so the down force of you...