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  • in need of 2 flywheel guards for a 98 seadoo sportster 1800
    Also looking for both armrests for rear seats in Green
    curious if you happen to have a 3wire fuel baffle for a 98 Sportster 1800? If you don't do you have any suggestions? thanks, Martin
    I was wondering if you had a cdi for a 97 xp, I may need one, my ski lost spark, and the dealer is tracking it down today or tomorrow. Thank you. Rob.
    hey i need one carb bolt for my 96 gsx call me with a price and how fast i can get it
    OneT (Scot) 4237157325 ( the long bolt that holds the carb on the engine )

    I'm trying to get this ski ready by the fouth of july!! lol
    Wow! u the best! Did not finish diagnosis will pm u as soon as I know what I need. Leaning towards setting it half way but have other needs that I now see u have. But I change my mind all the time and may not like not having ability to easily adjust trim . Thank u very much u help us get back out on he water quickly.
    Hey, Racerxxx had said you might have a newer model handle bar cover that I could fit to my '97 spx 787? If you do I would be interested in picking one up from you. Let me know!

    I have a 97 xp that im looking for a used intake grate for. Something better then stock. Please let me know if you have any thing in stock, Thank you, Rob.
    Aside from all the used parts I have in stock I also carry:

    OEM: Solenoids, wear rings, fuel/water bowl Orings, pump cone Orings, water regulator diaphragms, XPL deflector latches, Start/stop button covers, fuel floats

    NEW PARTS: Genuine carb kits and N&S, VTS boots and clips, neoprene pump seals, Electrical pin removal tools, Weatherpak elect connectors and pins, waterproof bilge switches, Oil filters, Tygon Oil injection line, starter rebuild kits, carb and rave gaskets, complete gasket kits, DESS and non DESS sure theres more.

    I also own a programmer and have made harnesses to program ANY (boat OR PWC) MPEM without needing the machine. That means you can ship me your MPEM and have it tested, keys programmed, check info/hours, change the timing setting on 787s, and more.

    Lastly I repair baffles and can rebuild your carbs and/or your starters for you.

    I do all this with the same fast turnaround times and fast shipping.
    Need a 97 xp part
    Tried pm'ing ur full

    Well i have just finished buffing the hull, wrapping the seat, cleaning fuel tank, going through the motor, well just about minting out the damn thing inside and out. I went to align the motor and it was off big time, the problem was the motor is up too high. I noticed the alignment tool was rubbing the bottom of the through hull fitting, so i look at the pump mount, to see if i have to shim that. The po siliconed the crap out of it. For some reason he had taken it off and silicone the ride plate the intake grate and pump support and he didnt skimp. Well i got of the ride plate and intake grate and pulled off the vts, pulled the steering cable and speedo. Now i wanted to see if you have the pump mount? Before i start trying to gently scraping and prying that off. If you have one at a decent price im just breaking and prying off.

    Part number 272000114

    hey Nick
    Looking for a 720 starter from a 2000 GS, reman, used or new. Can you let me know what you have and how much? Also an exhaust manifold for the same ski.

    hey Nick
    Looking for a 720 starter from a 2000 GS, reman, used or new. Can you let me know what you have and how much?

    You had replied to one of my posts about needing parts for a 1998 GSX Limited (red and purple, so is it a 1997.5?). As my post indicated I am in need of the MPEM, DESS key, and all wiring, gages, and control switches. From what I understand I only NEED the MEPEM, DESS key, and wiring to the motor for this to run, however what parts do you have and what would you be willing to let them go for?
    hi i was told to contact you about this, i have a 97 sea doo gtx, and i have a fried mpem, i was wondering if the mpem out of a 96 xp 800 is interchangeable? or what ones are im new to sea doos and stuck in a rut here
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