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    RXT260 Not running please help

    The Riva ecu would need to be calibrated to your throttle body , or any new ecu would need the same.
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    Supercharger failure

    Very good, there are a couple of screens where the oil pumps are that need to be checked also. Also a screen in the intake, but I am sure you checked that already.
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    Supercharger failure

    You need to look in the intercooler , intake manifold, throttle body and more than likely take the head off and inspect the cylinders and pistons for damage. With that much of the turbine missing I doubt that it is the only thing damaged, if the washers and the bearings are gone in the...
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    RXT-X won't go over 55 mph - Supercharger ??

    You need to know what RPM it is running at when its going 55mph, you need to fix the tach first or it could be an expensive few guesses before you figure it out.
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    Partout 3 rxp and 2 rxt

    What year are the RXT's , where are you located?
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    Low compression on all 3 cylinders

    Sounds like the intercooler was leaking and the rings seized up allowing compression by, did anyone check the intercooler?
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    2010 130 GTI TOPS sensor location

    I believe on yours its under the crankcase breather vent on the end of the head.
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    2011 Rxt 260 top speed and rpms

    Have you owned it since new? Low rpm can be caused by low power output, software limiting the rpm , too much impeller (if someone changed it), possibly the pump bearings going bad. Tell us a bit more of the history behind it. Does it go above 7200 rpm on the way to 62mph? I think US versions of...
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    2013 RXP X 260 with fault codes

    Here are some things to check from my manual, if you pull the plugs off of the computer the pins are listed although you may need a magnifier to see them.
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    2013 RXP X 260 with fault codes

    You have a problem with your manifold pressure sensor and the TOPS sensor which would point at a wiring problem which causes the computer to run in idle. Look for wiring faults, bad ground would do it also. Maybe check your intercooler for a water leak, keep your fingers out of that throttle...
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    Solas impeller and salt water

    I bought a Solas with the aluminum cone and it leaked right away, I can run the rubber OEM cone for months with no leak. I changed it because I didn't want the splines to corrode away.
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    2008 - Lagging 3 to 4 times on turnover before engaging throttle to start

    I would say your starter is dragging causing a high amperage draw, take it out and have it tested. There are also a lot of issues with the solenoid failing from high current draws, but that would not cause heated cables. A bad cable could also cause the symptom, maybe remove it and have someone...
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    2002 Seadoo gtx 4 tea taking on lots of water!

    Carbon rings when worn are a major source for water in the hull.
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    2004 gtx not getting fuel

    When you press the start button you should hear it pump up to pressure and your dash should come to life. No pump noise means no power or a dead pump if there is power at the connector, relay inside the computer could be toast, bad wiring connection possibly or the ground is not good. I would...
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    2007 GTI 130 solenoid HOT

    Why did the shop replace the solenoid ? Did they give a reason?