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  • Craig,
    I have been shopping (like you) for a new boat. I found the cheapest quoted number I could find for a 230 Challenger 310 hp and have now shopped it to every dealer within about 400 miles. I is working well because now I have 3 dealers fighting for the deal. Just thought I would pass it along to maybe help you in your search. First just ask if they have an 08 in the model you want. Then when they come back positive, and with a price, tell them you already have a quote at ($X). Make sure everything is apples to apples. They are all taking it and meeting or beating the price.
    Craig when you were at Smith's and you saw my boat up there was it inside or outside?
    It came back today and the cover now has mildew stains were water had pooled up? And Charles said that it been inside the entire time its been up there.
    I am getting it from Smith. Please describe your buying experience. So far they've been great to deal with over the phone and my deal is still hard to believe they can pull off. Its a bit of a leap of faith as I'm going to drive 9 hours from FLA to get it. Please tell me what I need to look at specifically when I pick it up Saturday.
    Craig are you getting it from Smith Power sport?
    If so just double check the boat out, nothing about the dealer just small issue with hose clamps from Sea Doo. Also Charles is the owner and has bent over backwards for me on my 08 230 wake.
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