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    FS PWC Dolly ~ $100

    This is Sold!
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    FS PWC Dolly ~ $100

    Selling a heavy-duty PWC dolly. This was made for me to move and service sea-doos. Comes with a lower shelf that has been carpeted for holding parts and 4 swivel casters with brakes. I used this for two years and am just trying to get back my money on materials. Let me know if you have any...
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    guage question

    I don't understand why just the LCD panels aren't rebuildable. There are services for various cars all over the place that will do that kind of work for pretty cheap. I have quite a few dead areas on my cluster as well but 500 bucks and dealer visits seems insane. My 2 dollar calculator issues...
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    Does the trailer and ski look properly set up?

    I just went through the exact issues you have. Had a trailer rated for the same 990 pounds and wanted to put my RXT on it. Trailered it from Ohio to Chicago without issue but I really needed more trailer underneath it. Needed the additional weight capacity, and more importantly the ability to...
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    Running seadoo out of water

    10-15 seconds maybe. The engine cooling loop is closed but uses the water it sits in to remove the heat from the ride plate. Second, the exhaust and pump need to be submerged to be cooled as well.
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    Help with logistics of ownership

    I tow my RXT with my Pontiac G8 GT, went through 4 states last week. Can be done!
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    Help with logistics of ownership

    I tow with my sports car, works just fine. Storage may still be an issue forever. I take my boat off the trailer and use a Pwc dolly to maneuver it into the back of the garage for storage. Just thoughts.
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    Gel Coat Repair / Engine Removal

    So you're going to take the 5k and buy a new boat then I assume? Sounds like it would be cheaper.
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    looking to ride in Tn Kentucky lake/lake Barkley or pearcy preist lake.

    Heading down to Kentucky lake on Saturday, let me know if you want to take a ride!
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    Connect Charger to battery whilst it still connect to Seadoo

    That's great to know. Thanks everyone for the info, I'll use my battery tender junior :)
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    Connect Charger to battery whilst it still connect to Seadoo

    I'm curious about this too. I was always told never charge the battery in the ski. Is that not quite true? Can they be maintained while still hooked up?
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    Need advice on twoables for pulling people

    Love love love my super screamer from obrien. Think I've had maybe 6 over the last 15 years, great flat tube.
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    8 friggin hours

    Why wasn't it winterized? Also was the battery removed and put on a charger over the off season? Did you check battery voltage?
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    Yes sir. Yearly oil changes with plugs is pretty much it.
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    Seadoo GTX SC 185hp one SC rebuild 436 hours.