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Are you sure you don't want some money for them, I can paypal you something. My address is Mat Vogel 175 Maple Drive Beaver PA 15009. Thanks a lot for you help!
Ed Dozois
I will send today
Thanks again Ed, they arrived today. I am going to try to use some dental floss and install them later today.
Ed Dozois
Cool make sure blue stripe up on check valves .a little wd 40 helps.
This is definitely the WORST place (this profile post, not the site) to get in touch with me. My cell is 612-473-9311 and texting me is going to get the fastest response. Thanks!
Cal Flannery, 717 Platinum Rebuild sent September. One respopnse from Dan: "Ok, I'm just short on office help right now". Lauri had advised rebuild - Feb, Mar, Apr. Engine had debris in crankcase that damaged rotating valve / manifold. Pics of damage determined workable. Sent engine with magneto assembly attached, couldn't get it off. Dan took the time to respond but no follow up. Very much appreciate any help.
Hi, I have purchased Sea-Doo Islandia 06. Looking for parts and cushions if you can help please thank you.
Hi. I have purchased Sea-doo Island is 2006. I am looking for parts like a dash board used or new if you can help? Thank you
Hello to all members,I am here to seek advice and guide on fixing the problem of our company jetski ,please kindly assist me.tq
This may be an odd question but I am curious if you still have your Speedster SK that you were parting out?
some give me a call 813 363 9074
Thanks,but I already found the part I was looking for.
Getting ready for a 2013 Yamaha Waverunner FZR Supercharger clutch change, anything I should be careful or know about before I start?
Thanks for your help!. Rob.

1994 Speedster service manual and any wiring/electrical schematics you have
I was looking through some old forums and saw that you were looking for a 1994 speedster service/shop manual. Did you find one, and if so, can you share it with me?

Nice upgrades.

did you have the seats reupholstered or new seats? where did you go and how much i i may ask? i also want to go with seadeck.

Thanks! I purchased all of the salon cushions and the two sun deck (quarter round) pads online. I found that LeadersRPM had most of the ones that I needed, but also found a few at and FoxMotorsports. Most were in the $200-$300 range, but several were $130-140. I figured out that Leaders had the same stock listed on their website, Amazon and Ebay - all at different prices.
The Seadeck I waited (on advice from DooGuy and JPass) until the annual September sale on Saved me around $400 on the complete kit. When I was having trouble getting my dealership to fix my superchargers earlier this year (they melted one down on their post-overhaul test run) I came close to getting a 2017 Regal 28. When I decided to keep the 230SP, I thought making it as "new" as possible
...would be cheaper than getting a new boat. In the end, I probably spent around $2k on the interior, but I have two new superchargers, a motor with zero hours, a motor with 70 hours and a cockpit that is new. Although the boat is a 2012, I brought it as close as possible to "new" with the parts I could find available. If you choose this path, don't waste time because inventories on factory cushions are low!
Hello was selling my clean titled 95hx high compression pistons just checked its pushing 200psi. West coast head, FPP Manifold and pipe, rad lightweight flywheel, mikuni buckshots k&n filters marine grade jetcrafts unlimited fuel rail, rossier intake, micro touch rev, new grips, seat, pump and ride plate aftermarket and top loader. Wasnt sure if i could use this platform to post it. Have videos of compression tested
I have a 2019 Seadoo GTI 155. I was on the lake and hit a mound of rocks and was in about 2 foot of water out of no where. I panicked and threw it in reverse. When I did it sucked up some rocks. It immediately shut off and will not restart, It doesn't even beep or click. And now I have noticed my display is stuck on (without key in it) message scrolling "reading key". I have now disconnected the battery so it doesn'
I am interested in the part # 269700030 after market rope door you mentioned in your post. How do I go about purchasing one for my 1997 sea doo challenger?
Hey I just wanted to thank you for sharing your details on how you fixed your speedometer sensor(back in 2017). I have the same 2-wire sensor and it was an easy fix. Would not have been able to do it without your details as I have never had much luck de-potting electronics and this case was no different. About all I was able to salvage even with my most delicate dissection was half a zener diode. Thanks!