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Hello, I have 2 XP DI's I just picked up. I read that you can suppy/sell the Candoo Pro? Do you have any used ones?
What do they cost? thanks for your time... Mike
Good evening everyone. Noob here to this forum and jet skis, just bought my first one. 96 Sea-Doo sp. Been sitting outside rotting for 3 years or so. I think I’m hooked and haven’t had it in the water yet. Lol
just acquired a 1995 gtx sea doo, been setting for years with very low hours. flushed fuel tank, oil tank was filled. After got it running then applied water to fitting. ran for a while then started popping the 5 amp fuse. Applied a new ground cable to the block and fuse popped again, unplugged stater plug, fuse never popped. any help ?
Hey nice build. I was just curious if you had the cut files for the carbon fiber ignition plate? I want to do the same with mine just wit red. Cheers
Hey, good to see you got that dioded ski out on the water, after that tedious fix it must have felt good. Just got through the second tank on my GTX, running very strong, I hit 58 at one point this past weekend. Feels great to bring something back from total junk to a glorious time on the water. When not riding, I'm turning my attention to the 96' GSX, it's a total mess.
It feels great.. cant believe its runs as well as it does... 20 years old and pretty much show room condition.

Im still in rebuild on the gs in pieces... slowly going back together. I have a good feeling itll run so I can sell it off.. been a pain.. the gts is going now too.. running a bit lean so I'm gonna rebuild carbs and all the housing. Think I may sell both gs and gts... keep the gsi
My brand new 2017 seadoo gts 130 leaks salt water ,
Was leaking through hull screws that hold front hatch on , sealed them up .
Still takes on 150ml salt water every use. Salt spots all over the motor .
There is two small tracks, one on each side of the hull where the seat cover sits, water will come in here but is it a vent for air as well? I feel some serious design flaw or manufacturing carelessness , help !
can someone call me that has experience with 96 speedster twin rotax engines and propulsion 419-250-3352 troy need guidance please please
thru hull fitting and drive shaft cover sleeve questions???? please help me
the cover sleeve is white plastic and is kinda long. not sure where to get them or how they attach??? or function if mine are busted off??
Having issues with my 2000 sea doo gtx. Has carbs and when out of water with hose hooked up seems to run fine plenty of rpms. Once i put it in the water seems to me that it will run great for 30 seconds and then seems to miss and bog down, running 4600 rpm at best 30 mph and that is a struggle. Replaced plugs coils and removed fuel tank to clean and put fresh fuel in it. Any help is welcomed!!
no oil pressure on a 2010 gtx260 looking for fee back on what it may be .new filter and oil.also a new pressure switch installed
Just bought a 2009 RXT-X....came with a miss...replaced plugs,coils and injectors...seem to run great....put it in the water and no miss but doesn't want to go over 45 mph. Pulled it out of the water and I have 4 " of water in the hull and the 12V light and code on....Looking for some help where to start...Thx
I have a 01 islandia with the 240 m2. I've only had it out once in two years. I went to pull it out and get it on lake. Naturally the gas went bad. I emptied tank and replaced filters. It still will not idle. It starts and wants to go to idle and dies. Im looking for some advice. Thx
Quick question,Is this 180 a fairly reliable, good performing boater did I make a poor decision purchasing.
Many thanks for your reply,
The light and alarm come on only after the engine runs for about 10 minutes.As mentioned the oil pressure sensor has been replaced.I will check other suggestions as listed.Thanks again for your reply.
hello I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX DI and it stopped peeing. my assumption is it is clogged because a friend used it at my lake and came in close to shore and didn't cut it off a few times. my question is can i take an air compressor with a spay nozzle and spray compressed air in the pee hole haha to clean it out? or whats the best way to clean it out? before i start taking it apart to check for clogging. thanks
I bought a 2001 Challenger, very clean boat, all the inside has been redone...The first day, the left engine kept stalling...took it to the mechanic that works on ou
r jet skis...@$2300 later we put it in the water and ran pretty well for a full day. Tried to get on the lake today and the left engine won't even start. Is there a trick to running these boats because other than replacing the mechanic tested
2003 seadoo utopia 205 guages not working, I lifted console to take a look and no wires to them?
I have a 98 Speedster with 787 twin engines and only one is getting spark. Looking for a new mpem or a reasonable fix.
2001 GTX no top end power
Last weekend my machine over heated due to a coolant line failure.
I turned it off and towed it back to the dock and let it cool down.
I now can only get 45mph when 55mph is the normal top speed. The engine will rev higher but not go any faster.
I have replaced the rectifier, cleared all error codes and checked pump/impeller/wear ring, which surprisingly are all in great shape.

Any ideas?
Ive kinda been sidelined for many different teasons, like the perfect storm. List my oarenys, motorcycle wreck, and pushing kids out the door to college. Im hoping to provide a better service to this wonderful community. The Seadooforum is like no other out thete. The Greenhulk, PWC today, and Seadoosiurce, all provide a valuabke service. But our community uses the collective knowledge of hundreds, if not thousands.