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Thanks for your help!. Rob.

1994 Speedster service manual and any wiring/electrical schematics you have
I was looking through some old forums and saw that you were looking for a 1994 speedster service/shop manual. Did you find one, and if so, can you share it with me?

Nice upgrades.

did you have the seats reupholstered or new seats? where did you go and how much i i may ask? i also want to go with seadeck.

Thanks! I purchased all of the salon cushions and the two sun deck (quarter round) pads online. I found that LeadersRPM had most of the ones that I needed, but also found a few at and FoxMotorsports. Most were in the $200-$300 range, but several were $130-140. I figured out that Leaders had the same stock listed on their website, Amazon and Ebay - all at different prices.
The Seadeck I waited (on advice from DooGuy and JPass) until the annual September sale on Saved me around $400 on the complete kit. When I was having trouble getting my dealership to fix my superchargers earlier this year (they melted one down on their post-overhaul test run) I came close to getting a 2017 Regal 28. When I decided to keep the 230SP, I thought making it as "new" as possible
...would be cheaper than getting a new boat. In the end, I probably spent around $2k on the interior, but I have two new superchargers, a motor with zero hours, a motor with 70 hours and a cockpit that is new. Although the boat is a 2012, I brought it as close as possible to "new" with the parts I could find available. If you choose this path, don't waste time because inventories on factory cushions are low!
Hello was selling my clean titled 95hx high compression pistons just checked its pushing 200psi. West coast head, FPP Manifold and pipe, rad lightweight flywheel, mikuni buckshots k&n filters marine grade jetcrafts unlimited fuel rail, rossier intake, micro touch rev, new grips, seat, pump and ride plate aftermarket and top loader. Wasnt sure if i could use this platform to post it. Have videos of compression tested
I have a 2019 Seadoo GTI 155. I was on the lake and hit a mound of rocks and was in about 2 foot of water out of no where. I panicked and threw it in reverse. When I did it sucked up some rocks. It immediately shut off and will not restart, It doesn't even beep or click. And now I have noticed my display is stuck on (without key in it) message scrolling "reading key". I have now disconnected the battery so it doesn'
I am interested in the part # 269700030 after market rope door you mentioned in your post. How do I go about purchasing one for my 1997 sea doo challenger?
Hey I just wanted to thank you for sharing your details on how you fixed your speedometer sensor(back in 2017). I have the same 2-wire sensor and it was an easy fix. Would not have been able to do it without your details as I have never had much luck de-potting electronics and this case was no different. About all I was able to salvage even with my most delicate dissection was half a zener diode. Thanks!
I saw you had written on a post that you were looking at adding a second battery to your Speedster 200
I have a 2006 and looking at doing the same as well as maybe installing fixed intake grates fir the jet pumps
My right cable has snapped about 3 feet from grate


I am the one that messed up my carb thread. You said you had some bodies. This is the carb that has the fuel pump on it. Its for a 1995 Seadoo GTX. How much would you charge me? Thanks.
I have a 96 seadoo sp, I put it in the water for the first time yesterday. As soon as I started it I pressed the throttle it bogged out and started taking on water. I pulled the seat off and also had smoke in the engine compartment. I have no cracks in the hull, any ideas where i should be looking for where the water is coming in at?
I once had an issue where the running bilge pumps in the bottom of the hull let in water and then when i started the engine it actually increased the flow rate into the boat! (that was on a 98gtx ltd, idk if your model has them). Also if you have smoke in the engine compartment, you could have a broken exhaust gasket or exhaust leak. It's possible you have an exhaust leak that's leaking water and smoke.
Yea that's exactly what happened as soon as I started it the water flowed in pretty quickly. Thanks for for the suggestions
Finally found the problem with my code P1200, some fuses were a little corroded, that was it. I replaced front and back sensors first, that didn't help, then went thru all the fuses and no more beeping.
I am Tom, and brought my first Sea Doo in 2018. I also have 2 CanAm ATVs, and was so impressed with them, when I decided to purchase a PWC, I really like the Sea Doo lineup. Anyway, I have posted some questions on this site in hope that someone can help.
Hi my name is Ron and I am looking for the whole set up for a 1998 speedster. I need all seats and the arm rests. If you could contact me at I live in NY and hope to hear from you
I have a 96 sea doo xp800 just installed a new starter and new battery with full charge. Battery ran dead and when I hooked up the booster cables she would try to turn over without the key. Anyone know what the problem might be.
Hello. I saw your post about wiring in the MSD 4255 on your single engine Challenger boat. I have the twin engine 97 challenger and have to replace my mpem. I was just curious if you finished wiring that in and how it worked out. Also any advice you could give to someone looking to wire up some of those MSD 4255 cdi boxes because I will need to buy 2 of them and wire them in to get my boat fixed. Thanks
Can anyone help me I have a 96 seadoo gti and a spx both doing same thing starter want stay engaged after trying to spin over I have to disconnect battery then try again
how hard was it to replace the steering cable? I think I need to replace mine but have found to be made by Teleflex
Dr Honda, i had a question regarding a 2002 seadoo challenger 240 efi M2. i have been having issues with it not starting when hot, the guy who is working on it is telling me it needs a new oil pump as no matter how far he adjusts it it still runs at full oil? does that sound plausible? Thank you for your assistance and best regards,