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Are you still looking for a ladder? Member "nonothing" is parting out 2001 islandia.
Hello do you have an 01 gtx for sale
Not a complete ski. The one in that post is only a hull right now. I have a 787 swap planned for it.
Hi there I noticed your beep / LCD issue , I have a similar issue what was the final outcome solution ? did you replace LCD unit.. ? M LCD slowly failed to nothing still operated all good then we get this annoying beep, but everything works fine. thanks Dave
This is definitely the WORST place (this profile post, not the site) to get in touch with me. My cell is 612-473-9311 and texting me is going to get the fastest response. Thanks!
Hi do you have another contact email or number? I have several parts needed if you want I can send the part numbers here or give description etc. not sure what is the best way to do this to get prices and availability?

I have never even sat on a PWC so this is going to be an interesting experience. Rotax engines I am familiar with.
How did it go?
bought my first Seadoo last year..had so much fun that i'm buying another at this year's Atlantic city boat show (2016 GTX 300) and giving the 2015 GTX 155 to my wife. we had so much fun riding last year.
I stepped up today and became a premium member after sitting in the weeds and getting great info from older posts related to my rides, (96 GTX & 97 Challenger 1800) and hope to seek out some help to get me back on the water someday soon.
Any general advice,recommendations,or guidance you like to share,I'm all ears and will appreciate whatever tips you have to offer to hopefully keep me from making those rookie mistakes and the stupidity that can wear out my welcome.
I know the answers to the issues that I have going on are out there...just hope I can get to the right place to start asking.
Thanks in advance guys.
John (jmconcord )
OCOD told me you might be able to help. I have a 2001 Utopia 185 with the 200 hp Merc Optimax engine. I've lost my key and lanyard. I don't believe it was a DESS key, just plain metal key with lanyard attached. Called dealer and key doesn't seem to be available, although lanyard is @$35. How can I get another key?
hey buddy this is juan oscar's friend "ocod" i just wanted to thank you big time for helping us with the issue with mu pump tomorrow i tried pm you but your inbox is full, please let me know if you need anything from me my numer is 7864599469 i work in hialeah also so anything you need i might be able to pass by, BTW we are planning of riding this Sunday morning with some friends total of 5 could be 6 if you come. once again thanks
Hi yes Sir,
Certainly did not mean to do anything improper. Thought meet & great was a good place to re- introduce my self & announce I would be retiring from Sea Doo once I sold my boat. ( thought there would be some old timers who would remember me. As I recall I had not posted in 4 yrs. Joined/registered in 08.Have always had nick name/ handle of can doo I have posted on & off over the last 7-8 yrs; with questions & thanks for help. Did not know about i trader. Thats a good feature. I will certainly post there.Thank you for pulling me out of the mud I stepped in.:thumbsup: can doo
I was referred to you by CoastieJoe to possibly help me with my problem: (see thread
I have purchased an impeller shaft Seadoo part number 271000291. The shaft appears to have a 190mm long sleeve or bushing on the end of it, before the threads start, that needs to be removed in order to reduce the shaft diameter for the impeller to be installed over the shaft and onto the threads. The shaft I removed does not have the sleeve/bushing on it. The impeller is an aftermarket Solas Concord SD-CD-14/22. Does anyone know the process to remove this sleeve/bushing from the impeller shaft?
Hey nick, I've got a 96 gtx, took it to the dealer and they there's a direct short in the computer. But they don't know which one. Trying not to waste a ton of money on it but any ideas?
I need to buy a spare key and have it programmed for my 1996 GSX. Can I have it back in a week?
Sent you a bunch of pm' about the bar pad stencil. Hoping you see this and get back to me.