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Recently bought a 2005 GTX Limited 215 with 220 hours. Last year I had a 2009 Speedster 150, with a 2012 255hp motor (sold due to lack of use, as I work weekends). Now I can just get out on the jet ski without needing someone for a counter-weight on the boat. Lol. Just had the supercharger rebuilt (220 hours and the previous owner had no idea if it was ever rebuilt), and ordered a new Solas prop and wear ring. :)
2004 SeaDoo Sportster LE DI - looking for a cooler/storage lid that fell off and sank the first trip out on the lake.
I had purchased "SBT carb rebuild kits", assuming any kit was as good as any other....WRONG! Ski would not throttle up on the water (ran fine on the trailer). Replaced SBT kits with Mikuni OEM kits.....blast was back to normal...better than normal actually, has never run better.
This post and the resulting repair is AWESOME! You are going to make many boaters happy with your diagnosis and fix. I have a 1997 Challenger 1800 with two 110HP Rotax engines. So far, all is good but this is a good preventative fix. I would label your post as "SOLVED: Sea-Doo / Rotax intermittent engine shut down - ingenious repair"
hi, i was able to get ahold of the blown Overvoltage
Transient Suppressor( diode) easy and was a simple fix once I found out where on the board it was. I cant for the life of me find out where the wires for the on/off switch are. someone cut and pulled them out i am guessing. if you need to get the diodes I can send a link for Amazon. got five of them for 6 bucks.
My 97 Sea Doo GTX will make the buzz and start and run but when it is turned off it will not buzz or start for about an hour later. replaced and charged the battery but didn't help.
what kind of problems were you having by not using genuine makuni carb rebuild kits?

i have just rebuilt mine in both my skis. i have a 1999 and a 1998 gtx limiteds and love them. just did a rebuild on one of the engines and almost done with break in. i changed my arrestors to after market and changed jets

Thank You and please educate me

I live up here in Lake Tahoe the past three years now. Sea doo boats here are a rarity.
Oh nice! I have been wanting to actually take my boat to that lake one day! I love your orange! Im thinking about changing the colors on mine to the red and black... I also need a wakeboard tower like yours soon! Hey, maybe I will see ya out there one day!!! :)
I did the orange and blue myself using adhesive wrap commonly used for cars, spent $350 in materials. The tower came with the boat when I got it. Let me know if you're up here, it would be nice to see another Challenger 180. My text number (203)2528166 just in case :)
How do I tell which motor I have in my 95 XP? I need to order a new mpem. Also, cheapest place to order one from?
H! I used to live in Modesto 3 years ago. ;)
Oh yea? Where do u live now? I took boat out to Woodward and saw 3 sea doo jet boats! :) I usually dont see many..
1995 GTX 657x Losing Oil to Exhaust side. The engine runs great and drives great but burns some smoke. I noticed a puddle of oil on the bottom of the haul and my Oil tank empty. Any ideas? Ohh I did see it coming from the Purple can in the back which had a hole in it but either case there shouldn't be any oil in there.
Im in North Mobile. I typically launch in Satsuma or Saraland and ride Bayou Sara to the Mobile River and then the rest of the Delta. If we go to the Gulf I like to head toward Florida. Memorial Day we took our 25' triton with a 250 out to Perdido Bay, Orange Beach, Big Lagoon, Pensacola Bay and then over to Santa Rosa Island Beach Board Walk for lunch. There are a lot of places to ride and explore....
Hey, what parts in AL you riding in? I'll be moving to Baldwin County next year, currently I live in Lee County and go to Lake Oliver, Lake Harding and the Chattahoochee River and likely Lake Martin at some point this Summer.
I own a 95 Sea Doo Challenger. Had it out twice and both times it seem to run well but bog down at full throttle. A friend who works on sea doo jet skis suggest I use a product called Lucas Complete Engine Treatment... after using this product... I have quite a bit of white smoke coming from the billows out when I give it gas... any ideas why this is happening???
1999 gtx rfi just hooked up a new battery and starter solenoid and it wont start NO clicks or nothing i put the key in and get 2 beeps like i should and nothing happed when i push the start button i can cross over the starter solenoid and the motor cranks but wont start??? please help
Eau dans la cale centrale
J'ai nouvellement fait l'achat d'un Challenger 180 2008 et l'eau s'accumule dans la cale centrale. Pourtant à l'arrière à la pompe de cale c'est relativement sèche. est-ce que ça peut être bouché? Pourtant il y a 3 trous gros comme des 2$ pour évacuer... Merci!
Hello everyone, I recently baught another ski. It is a 99 seadoo gtx limited 951. I have had nothing but problems since I bought it but have fixed nearly everything EXCEPT the water leak...cannot for the life of me find where the water is coming from, mostly because it seems to only fill up while going fast. I have replaced the carbon ring, exhaust manifold gaskets and brass seal. Any ideas?
Have you checked the water pressure regulating valve on the exhaust system? It seems that an internal clamp rusts out and releases pressure on an internal gasket.....I've seen posts where people have taken the valve apart and replaced the clamp with zip ties.

I have this leak in my '96 and will address it asap....just discovered showed up when the ski was on the trailer running on a hose....