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what issues are you having, are you getting spark.
Power is not even gettingto the starter or plugs. I am how ever getting power to the ground wire of the plug going from the mpem to the starter solenoid. Shouldn't have any going to the ground correct?
I have a 96 seadoo spx, and it has electrical issues. Brand new battery. After testing the only thing we found it that the plug coming from the mpem to starter Solenoid is getting power to bother wires power and ground. I am thinking the mpem is the issue and needs to be replace. Thoughts?
hi! I`m having a problem with my 1997 gtx when I removed the plugs I have oil shooting out I hope that some one can help, thank you very much.
Brand new to owning a seadoo,just bought a 2008 GTI 130 SE.Taken it out twice since storage and starts right up and idles fine but as soon as I get on the throttle it losses power and surges.took plugs out and didn’t look to bad but lots of fogging oil on the threads.Any help would be much appreciated.
Have you had anyone look at the carbs? Sound like the mixture isn't quite right possibly.
I think this is a private post.

Hi Mayberry Az, I don't actually have cell phone, I get by fine without one, but my 16 year old has one, that I pay for ! Here is his cell number (647-467-7055) , you could try sending him a text with a picture if you wish to help me establish where the transducer works for you.

Thanks Gordon
Hey all. Thanks for the add. I need help finding a 2004 seadoo sportster le engine hatch deck lid. Let me know if one of you guys know where I can fit one. Thanks
Looking for Part # 269500303 for a 1996 Sea Doo GTX, finding alot out there from $25 to LOL $169. Desire color to match ski ie DARK GREEN, but none have GTX logo, anyone got a salvage ski they can get me the deflector which sits on top of the larger lid and protect the gauges. (logo and screw be nice to have).
My name is Dave. I've had a few Seadoo's over the years, all 2-stroke models. 1994 SP was my first then a 94 XP and a 95 XP. Now riding an XP and GS, both 1997. I also have a Celebrity 230 cuddy with 5.7 Alpha One G2. I boat on the Ohio River and dock in Toronto, Ohio on a private slip with a friend that has 2 GSX Ltd and a Rinker 5.7 Alpha One G2 and a Pontoon with a Force 75hp. Thanks for having me.
Were you able to get photos of change room curtain? I'm still interested.
Where in Ohio are you from? I'm on the WV border in Steubenville, OH. Been following your posts of your painting and restoration. Thanks for so many great ideas.
Hi.... I am buying a 2004 seadoo gtx supercharged and I would like to know what is tne compression that the engine should have?
Noticed you put a sub in your challenger in one of the threads. I am trying to find a decent place to mount a couple of amps in my 1800. Where did you mount your amps?
Hey man, not sure if you still get on this forum or not. I came across your thead for the stereo in the 97 challenger you did. I am wondering where and how you mounted the amplifiers. Your install looks awesome.
Hello do you have an 01 gtx for sale
Not a complete ski. The one in that post is only a hull right now. I have a 787 swap planned for it.
Hi there I noticed your beep / LCD issue , I have a similar issue what was the final outcome solution ? did you replace LCD unit.. ? M LCD slowly failed to nothing still operated all good then we get this annoying beep, but everything works fine. thanks Dave
This is definitely the WORST place (this profile post, not the site) to get in touch with me. My cell is 612-473-9311 and texting me is going to get the fastest response. Thanks!