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Single click, where to start


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Over the winter I purchased 2, 2007 GTIs from a friend's parents who did all the proper maintenance over the years. I properly got them ready for summer, giving both brand new batteries amongst other things. During my 4th trip out, one of them died relatively early after launch. I noticed when it started, it sounded like it struggled, then eventually wouldn't start period. When I pushed the start button, I would get a single click, leading my Google searches to think it was a solenoid issue. I got them home and cleaned them out and attached battery cables to it and let it sit for a few minutes. I started it and it cranked (with the hose attached). I then detached the cables and attempted to start again but only gave me the single click. I'm guessing the battery was dead. This is a new battery which leads to me believe whatever system is used to keep the battery charged is faulty. Any suggestions where to start? Thank you!


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I would say when a machine is working and then you do something to it, like change a battery amongst other things and then it’s stops working 90% of the time it’s what you did to it is why it’s not working.
Changing a battery seems elemental but your operating manual tells you to take it to a dealer even to change a battery. When the operating manual also states not to work on the electrical system a red flag should go up in your head. It means you need to make a decision if I seriously want to maintain my own jet ski or should I take it to the dealer.
You have made your first mistake by charging your battery in the ski and also we’re the new batteries charged to there full capacity before you installed them? This is all in a service manual.
If you decide to take on the routine maintenance yourself, you need to download a service manual and make sure you are doing things right.
Your first step now is to make sure both batteries are charged and functioning properly and go from there.
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My 96 SPX had similar issues leading me to believe a faulty battery. Intermittently would act fine, then boom back to clicking and difficulty turning over. Replaced the starter solenoid and problem solved. Hope you figure it out!

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