Restoring Faded Plastics with a Heat Gun


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A pretty common tip but interesting to watch if you have never tried this yourself.


For the hood, use soft scrub with bleach and a green scotch brite. It will knock the heavy chalk off it then you can actually hit it with buffing compound to bring it back. The heat gun works great, but it there are any oils on it they will show differently than the rest of the hood. But, the heat gun does work! Looks great so far.
I am new to the forum but will share what I did.
I have found that over time all plastics loose moisture and become brittle. I was thinking of a way to re-moist the plastic on as deep and lasting a process as possible.
I worked at a rubber stopper manufacturer and a primary base ingredient was glycerin. I figured I would apply literally with my fingers, rubbing it in and let it sit for 5 mins. or so, then wipe down leaving the surface dry.
I then did the he
I heard it doesn't hold up well, can anyone verify it?

at thing and while still warm, re applied a light coat of glycerin and rubbed it in like a polish. It seems to have done the trick. I will let this coming season tell the wear characteristics and how long it lasts.
Here are the results I got.


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