Real cold air intake for seadoo boat

Real cold air intake for seadoo boat
Just installed a cold air set up using the port side speaker hole that fits the 4" hose perfectly with no cuts, etc. and can put speaker back, etc. in minutes. Toliet seat ring held by only 1 screw as that's the most solid place in the boat.
Resulted in 200 more rpm's from previous set up that had the K/N filter by the air vent above battery on port side, so if your filter is in the engine room it will probably be even more than 200 rpm's?
Also has a cool super charger/blower sound when you get on it. Running a water repellent sock over the KN filer for any splashes, etc. If we get into a storm, etc. it is a minute to put the filter back into the engine room in previous position.
Then simply put the OEM speaker part in and no water like before. I've been in some 4 ft. chop in high winds/big boats, etc. and if i kept the bow up, no issues with water.
If i need more top end in a race, i take the entire KN filter off and that's even better.​


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