Questions on if I should replace OPAS system


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Just bought a new to me 2002 GTX 155. The OPAS paddle on the port side is snapped off. Seller has two new ones that he is giving me. I have been going back and forth and doing research on if I should fix this one, or remove the whole system and put the block off kit in. Seller was advising to just go the block off route, but honestly I am new to jet skis as is my 15 year old son, so I am thinking they may help out (and figure they were OEM for a reason) Seller was advising to block due to them being known to leak. So that makes me wonder if it IS leaking and that was maybe why they were suggesting blocking. My original thought was to just replace the hoses while I was putting the paddle on, however the more I look, I am not seeing a new OPAS tube for that year, only really see 2003+ aside from used on ebay. Also from what I can find it is WAAAAY more work than I was thinking. Looks like you have to take the whole jet assembly off to get to the hose. I know this is kind of a well debated topic on leave on or not, but seems like most people take it off for performance reasons and I am really not concerned with that. Is there any way for me to see if the system leaks without dropping it in the water, or is that my only option. Basically I am at the point of is the added benefit of the OPAS worth the work to fix, or just got the block route and grab a RIVAS kit and be done with it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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OPAS is completely worthless. Just a failed marketing claim by BRP that they eventually abandoned because it didn't work. Block it off and save yourself future headaches.


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You can tip your trailer up, put your drain plugs in, and fill the back end of your ski hull with water, up above the OPAS tubes and linkage - probably takes a good 10-15 gallons of water from a hose. Then watch and see if you see any leaks out of the OPAS linkage areas within 10 or 15 min. That is probably the easiest way to check for leaks.

For what it’s worth to others… I spray WD-40 into the OPAS linkage tubes from the outside of the ski, just a shot or two, after I wash and dry my 2007 GTI SE 155 from a day out in salt water. I spray the OPAS pivot point bushings good too. Have about 250 hours on this ski and no OPAS leaks and they still work great. My theory is the WD-40 helps to lubricate the linkage and keeps the seal a little pliable - it has worked well so far. But I agree, if you are having leak issues, block them off. Any low speed steering advantage isn’t likely worth the effort to repair. 😀