How much would you pay for a 2001 Islandia with a blown motor?

Hey guys first post here. I have read a bunch of threads and while being slighty terrified by the merc/SeaDoo combo I still really like the lay out of the Islandia. I have a 18ft bayliner that rocks, such a soild boat that has never left me stranded. Thinking about selling it and getting a 2001 Islandia with a blown motor. Not sure if a rod ejected itself. But I am pretty sure the plastic oiling gear has failed and seized the motor because he states the motor is "locked up." So at this point I am confident it will need a complete overhaul... I am mechanically inclined; I have built a couple Audi/Porsche motors and made some serious HP but in the realm of Jet boats its all pretty foreign to me. get the fundementals of how motors work, but I am worried if i will be able to source the parts to rebuild it..
So I guess my questions is:
How much is a 01 islandia in pretty good shape with a blown motor go for these days? Prob. needs upolstery because stored outside without a cover. Hull and gel coat look to be in good shape.

Ball park how much is it to rebuild a motor? Lets say it needs a complete bore/hone and the crank is salavageable. Replacing some of the sensors like main temp sensors etc.

Are parts for this type of build still available?

Or should I just keep hunting and stay away from the 2001 merc/seadoo?

Assuming it has a sound block and the boat is in otherwise very good condition, I personally wouldn't give more than $2K. A rebuild on that motor at a reputable shop would run around $6K +/-. The fact you might be able to do 80% of the work yourself is not germane to the negotiations. If gauges don't work and the hull is weathered or the seats are faded/torn, the price goes down accordingly. It can get to a point where its just not worth it. Problem is....and Ive heard this a dozen times...the seller is going to tell you "that the trailer alone is worth $3K!"
What kind of number is the seller at?
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Thanks for the resonse/confirmation. Kinda where my thoughts were. I didn't realize it was going to to be around 6k for a shop to rebuild the motor. I was thinking around half that.. Hes asking 4k
Prepare for the worst is always the right scenario.

Cost to replace the engine, and seat covering, some lights, maybe gauges, and possibly tires on the trailer. In near perfect shape, you have an $8-9K boat.

Good luck.