Any Scarab 195 feedback?

Just wondering if we have any 195 owners that could give us some reviews on these babies? The 195 impulse is in my sights but I have to say I was hoping for HP comparable to a Speedster. Looks like better quality than Sea Doo on the interior.
I bought a 14 impulse 195 topped out around 38-40. if it gives you an idea on how I liked the boat, I traded the boat in already..... lol
Ok, I do like the scarab 195. I have had a few Seadoo 180 challengers and I like this size a lot better than the 180. I think the 210 might be too large for my needs and the 180 a little too small. The boat seem to handle the waves better and is wider also. I dont understand the HP ratings beacause it the same engine as the 180 but they says it 200 and not 215 like the seadoo. I dont know if its because of the catalitic converter or if rotax was just enflating the HP for seadoo.