96/97 challenger 787 impeller swaps

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Just curious, for those of you who have changed your impeller from stock on your challenger, what brand and pitch did you go with? How did it change your performance?

I've searched the forums and seen many posts about impeller upgrades, but few mention their pitch. Just thought it would be a nice reference for all of us.

I went with SkatTrak swirl. I think it is a 16/22. You may loose a mph or two compared to other impellers but the hook up just plain great. Another benny is the swirl is like a trash shreader. I have never had anything paper or weeds get suck in there. Wraped a rope around the drive shaft once but thats another story :)


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I am a bit up from the chart as I have some minor mods, RD 43cc head (170psi) rejetted carbs with proks, HotRods crank, WSM pistings and ring (one size over). Rev limiter EWI ready. Thinking about putting a factory spec1 pipe on it soon also.

I also have a nujet that I used before the SkatTrak. This got me 3 to 4 mph more on the top end but took longer to get me there. Not sure what pitch this is. It has a number on it no one has been able to decode. I heard the nujet guys build impellers for subs or something as well.
I am now using a Solas Concord 14/22 and I am very pleased. Gets right out of the hole and still got up to 53 on the speedo with me and my girl. Will confirm by gps next time out.
i was wondering what would be the best impeller for towing and pulling tubes and what upgrades should i do to improve over all performance for little cash. also what is a good site for all performance upgrades for theses boats ?
using skat-trak 16/22 swirl. It is the best thing I have done to the boat yet.

Use it primarily for wakeboarding. Pulls my 200 lb butt up immediately on a single 787 challenger.
I have a 98 speedster and looking at this chart, it doesn't list anything for my boat. Figures. SO do I just get the same ones rcommended for a boat with the same engines?
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