95 Gtx Bogging down


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I have a 95 gtx that I bought a couple months ago. It’s ran great many of times using Seadoo oil and non ethanol gas. Have replaced fuel lines and rebuilt carb (ran great after). (Pre mixing gas) Took my girlfriend to a big lake Memorial Day weekend and as we had it beached on on island it was getting hit with a good amount of wakes from behind. Took a little more to start than usual then ran great on the way to the truck until I was about 500 yards away at full throttle it started bogging out of no where and continued to get worse as we made it back to the truck. Pulled spark plugs and one was wet with the smell of oil and gas and the other had a normal amount of carbon. Replaced them and took it back out. When I started it, it barely puddled then immediately upon slight throttle it bogged and it kept happening. Thoughts?
Was this the PTO carb? Sounds like your pop-off isn’t set correct, or a weak spring. Spring to weak, fuel will continue to flood cylinder, choking or bogging engine. For some reason, the PTO carbs are bad about it.