2022 Fish Pro Trophy - Transducer/Depth Finder?


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Possible stupid question here and apologies if already asked & answered but couldn’t find specific search results. I’m in the process of ordering a FP Trophy w/Tech. But there’s an accessory for a ‘depth finder’ that the website configurator allows you to add. If the unit already comes equipped with the Garmin/Fish finder unit, shouldn’t it already have one?


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Seadoo sells a transducer and mount which can display depth on your dash. Mine was installed w/o any Garmin gear. Not sure if Garmin will use that same transducer or transducer location.
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I believe the Trophy with tech has both side scan and downward scan transducers. If you don't get the side-scan garmin, the downward facing transducer is the only included one.


I just bought a 2022 fishpro sport with Garmin 62cv mfd. it has a depth finder and the transducer came mounted in the hull. I suspect your trophy is the same except you’ll have more features like side scan.


The Fishpro Trophy, Scout, and Sport all have the same Garmin GT15M-IH transducer. This is the standard sonar showing fish as arches. Only way to get Clearvu and Sidevu is if you get an external transducer