2010 RXTX with trouble code P0264. Need help.

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While taking the ski out on Sunday, it started OK but ran rough. Felt like running on 2 cylinders.

Initially I did not see the check engine light. I identified the #2 cylinder was not firing by pulling the connector at the ignition coil. I swapped the coil with cylinder #1. Same bad cylinder 2. I replaced the spark plug with another spare. Same bad cylinder 2.

I then noticed the check engine light and found how to pull the code. The code was P0264.
P0264 - #2 injector short to ground or open circuit

I performed the following checks.
Checked ohms on the injector - 12.9 (just like cylinder 1 injector)
Checked the incoming voltage to the injector - found 12V
Swapped Injector 1 with injector 2. Still bad cylinder 2.

My next step is to check the connector at the ECU. I found reference to PIN A-33. I am not sure what pin that is. The connector is labeled 1-2-3-4 on one axis, and A through J on the other axis. How do I identify pin A-33? Does that mean connector A pin 33? Do I start at pin A1 and count up 33 pins?

By removing the connectors at the ECU, I did not find any corrosion or dirty/bent pins. After re-assembly, nothing changed. So that act of reseating the connectors did not help

Based on what I have read, the thing to check next is the wire from the injector to the ECU. I need to know the correct pin at ECU.

What are the chances that is due to a bad ECU? What else do I check?

Another strange thing that I noticed on my previous ride before the problem, was that the main center area of the digital display was not updating. For example, when the tach is selected for the primary display, it would show a fixed rpm reading. The other sections of the display were OK. Might not be related, but still is weird.


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Did you check the fuse? There are separate fuses for cylinders that run the spark/injectors. My manual says you should have 11.4-12.6 ohms between connector 2 and ecm pin A-K1 if you think it's a bad wire A is the closest to the front of the engine, if you look carefully with a magnifying glass you can see the letters/numbers on the connector
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