1998 Sea Doo GTX Limited- MPEM


Hi folks!

I have some oiling/ fueling issues I’ll address separately.

90% of the time, I get no beep when I connect the key, no fuel level shown, random beeps while riding, 12 volt low warning is residential.

I have not tested voltage or tried a different battery. Is it possible that the MPEM (where I assume the rectifier lives) is not seeing voltage or is the random beeping and no beeping at wake-up indicating some lost functionality?

It always has juice to start and always starts hard if it’s been turned off.

I’ve been working through the old, nasty fuel and finally have majority fresh gas in it.

When it’s not fouling plugs it runs awesome.
Fuel does affect your beeps,
Could be the dess post,,, or the key,,, cheap and easy install instead of an expensive MPEM
probably low voltage battery, high temp, or low gas/oil. Where there any lights on the dash when that happened?
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My 1998 GTXL was doing the same thing. I guess my float failed, so I just shorted the fuel gauge wires so it shows full tank. I have ordered a new float from OSDParts.com. It stopped the beep that sounds just like your issue.
I have the same ski, I also have random times that my beeper doesn't beep when I put the key in, everything on the gauges lights up so I'm good with it. I have ran low on gas and it does beep for about 4-6 secs and then does it again after a coupe mins. If you know you have gas in it and it isn't low, say not below about 3 inches, then your float may be messed up.
As for the guage, has it ever worked, is it random or nothing at all. You sure you just don't have a bad film on the guage and cant see the digital guage read out underneath. I actual was able to get a replacement guage for mine for a decent price a year or so ago. ..mine was corroded.
The 12volt low normally means you aren't charging well . To test it, get a multimeter, crank up the ski, put the meter on the battery and see what the reading is, should be high 12s or low 13 volts , then rev it up and the voltage should climb into the high 13 or low 14 volts. if it stays in the 12 volt range you got a bad rectifier. Just remember not to let it run for long with no water cooling. This test should only take about 15 secs to do anyway.

Hope this helps, come back and let us know how things tested out.
I have a 1998 gtx limited rfi Where is the rectifier?
I am getting 12 volt low message and ski shutting off
Volts on battery don't change when reved up so assumming its the rectifier
thanks in advance