1996 GTX Cavitation and correct impeller pitch??

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Hi All. Finally finished rebuild of my 1996 800 3 seater, engine looks amazing, purrs like a kitten. I do still have to sort the carbs out as even though it gets to 7k and 70km/h(45mph) the bottom end off the mark and starting isnt good at all. Anything above 1/5th WOT is fine though. So the impeller currently is an aftermarket, I know this because of the gap on the spline I can see- i hear the aftermarket ones dont have the long nose like the standard OEM one does. Anyway I see the OEM is a 16-23. Now that I have the same if not more than original power from teh rebuild engine, should i look to a more pitched prop? The one in there cavitates like a Mo Fo from stand still, to the point the wakeboarder struggles to stay on and wait long enough for it to settle at 10 mph where the cav stops. From the feel of the engine, it could handle a lot more than the impeller needing, and also the last 800 i had, wasnt rebuilt and a bit rough in the unit, but i could get 95km/hr from it (60 mph)
I have in my hand a Skat-trak 17-22, should I put this in as it will almost do the same as the standard, or should i get a standard seadoo 16-23 and be done with it?
Im very mechanical but im not flash with numbers and specs, i dont even know what the two numbers mean on the pitch, if anyone can enlighten me?
PS- the unit is tidy, with new carbon seal and wear ring.


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1996 gtx
May have a neoprene gasket leak or shaft seal leak which can introduce air and cause cavitation even when the wear ring and impeller gap is good.

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