01 GTX DI filled with water


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Just bought an 01 GTX DI, test ride was great. Took it camping, the next morning it was filled with an almost comical amount of water (did not sink). Immediately pulled it out, drained it, and let it dry out overnight. It now tries to start but doesn't turn over. Took it to the mechanic and told them what happened and they told us they wouldn't touch it and to trash it? I'm new to PWC ownership but I did spend my childhood on them and have seen a few skis almost sink. Is the mechanic right or is there hope I can fix it myself?
Remove the spark plugs and see if it will turn over.
Check for water in the fuel
If it’s not turning over because it is Hydro locked with the plugs out when you do turn it over it will squirt the water out the plug hole, be careful
Electrical boxes dry. Removed spark plugs and tried to start. Nothing. Replacing fuel as we speak. Mechanic said it sounded as the motor wasn't getting the proper combustion.
With the plugs out,,, when you turn the motor over, does a mist of water come out!!!
If there is too much water in the cases it will not start,