1. Toojay7

    99 XPL overheating

    Had not seen water in 10 years. Never in salt supposedly. I changed the grey fuel lines and brought it out on the water. Idled it for about 5 minutes and then the overheat warning buzzer went on. Immediately stopped it, brought it back home and inspected the coolant lines. The only issue I found...
  2. J

    1998 seadoo xpl 951 jetting

    I have a 1998 seadoo xpl 951 that i need to rejet i have a r&d flame arrester,R&D intake grate and ride plate,Tdr baffled water box, and solas 15/20 impeller and the engine is .25 over what jets and carb setting do you recommend im in Indiana about 700ft over sea level.
  3. Icantswim

    951 to 995 Fullbore Rebuild!!!

    Hi Everyone, Figured I'd start a thread about my rebuild I'm currently doing. I thought I had made a post on this already but when I came back to look for it, it was gone so I must've not saved it correctly. Long story short I recently blew my original 951 motor in my 1998 XPL and was...
  4. Icantswim

    Blew my 951 XPL and decided to go with the FullBore Online Signature Series 995cc

    Hi all, I havent posted much, well actually I havent posted anything so far lol, so I figured this would be a good thread to start since I have not found any that involved Fullbore Online's signature series motor. So here is the back story: I purchased a 1998 Seadoo XPL earlier this...
  5. Marky_Marc

    XPL Steering Problem: Wont turn left

    Hi All, Had the ski out for the first time in awhile and noticed the Ski will not turn left....very annoying. On further inspection, the nozzle moves fine without any pressure applied. I got my friend to hold the steering nozzle and when turning the handlebars left there is a clunking...
  6. X

    please help! 99 XPL - fuel pump not drawing anything

    I'm hoping somebody can steer me in the right direction, it's June and I've yet to be on the water! Summary: Freshly rebuilt carbs this spring stock fuel lines were replaced 5 years ago and new ones show no sign of breaking down Reason the carbs were rebuilt was last year I would top out...
  7. S

    Running ski out of water, GTX low idle

    Hello everyone! (shortened version) I'm not the most experienced seadoo guy (2 years), but I have done a top end on my GTX (2001 RFI) as well as a top and bottom end on my XP (1999), so feel free to speak to that level in any replies. Both skis were run out of water at a gas station (idle)...
  8. Q

    97 XP 787cc - Mods to plane faster?

    PLEASE HELP So i recently bought a 97 SeaDoo XP, the 787cc 110bhp model, which has a hull like the XPL 951cc (can be seen in my display picture). It's the first model with the spring seat. (sorry to be so detailed but i want to make sure i get the right information for my ski). I love my baby...
  9. S

    1999 XPL long beep?

    I've recently replaced my motor in my 1999 XPL. I put it in the water too begin break in and when I attach my lanyard I hear my two "ok" beeps then I start it. After running for a minute or so I hear a long beep, then about a minute pause then another long beep. It will continue giving me a long...
  10. D

    Air Inlet upgrade on 99 XPL to 2000 - Technical Assistance

    Hi Seadooforum gurus, I'm about to put a deposit on a 1999 XP Limited and have been advised of an important upgrade the 2000 XP Limited got. The pool hose looking inlets went from the front of the hood (hinged side) to just in front of the seat. I've heard of a few guys in the USA that have...
  11. J

    Wear ring worn down to fiberglass? PICS

    For the past week or so I have been trouble shooting some carb issues. Just yesterday after a couple hours of testing I began to notice some cavitation and a loss of top speed MPH. I just picked up the ski a couple weeks ago and was planning to change the wear ring anyway. So today I pulled...
  12. purple_people_eater

    Need Advice on a 2000 xp-l

    hey guys for those of you that have been following and helping me you know i'm in the market for another ski. i passed on the gsx-l i was looking at and now i'm look at a 2000 xp-l. and basicly i know nothing about this hull and am just looking for feed back and info. i don't want to make a 2500...
  13. J

    98 SPX & XPL No Power

    I have a 98 SPX & XPL that will not turn over, I put the laynard on, get the two beeps, but when I push the start button nothing happens, no sound at all. Any suggestions???
  14. D

    1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Custom Painted Hull without Title - $100.00

    1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Custom Painted Hull without Title - $100.00 Located near St. Louis, MO 1999 Sea-Doo XP-L Hull without Title - Custom Paint, AP Design Traction Mats, Jettrim Spray Deflector, Rear Hatch, Gas Tank, Pump Shoe, Trim Pieces & Bumper, MPEM & Electrical Box Brackets, Vent...
  15. L

    How much should I get for my xpl if i sell it

    :confused: I have a 1999 xpl I would like to know wat it is worth. It is bored out to 1051 ,pro-x pistons, miller head, water injection,2deg wedge, solas impeller, R&D ride plate and intake grate, jetted carbs, after market air cleaners,sponsons , i removed the sound baffle. This jet ski leaves...