xp limited

  1. N

    Looking for a wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Limited

    Hello. Could someone please share, or point me in the right direction to find, the wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Ltd? Thank you in advance!
  2. B

    98 XP Limited solenoid click but no start

    I just inherited a 1998 xp limited and threw a new battery in it. The key has a faint beep (1/50 I get the loud standard double beep and then a solid alarm sound maybe 30 seconds later). When I click the start button, I get a repeating solenoid click. I have tried the sketchy way of putting a...
  3. J

    Oil tank capacity and premix

    Hey My Seadoo do has an oil tank which is all connected up to the pump and the cable attached to the throttle, I was just wondering what capacity in liters does the xp limited 1999 does it oil and do people run the oil in the tank and then Also premix the fuel aswell? I believe my pump works...
  4. J

    Seadoo XP Limited 1999 VTS doing nothing

    Hey all, Hopefully somebody can help me out, I have just purchased a 1999 Seadoo XP Limited and it came with a dead battery. I have had it on the optimate and now its fully charged the motor spins over fine and all the dials work. My issue is when I press the VTS buttons nothing happens but...
  5. Harrison72

    1999 XP Limited Won’t Start

    So recently my 1999 XP Limited had a hole in the bottom and filled up with water. I got the water out and got it out of the engine to. The plugs are dry. Now when I try to turn it over it only makes 1 click, or beeps and clicks as I hold the ignition. Any ideas on what’s wrong and how to fix it...
  6. Harrison72

    1999 Sea Doo XP Limited Wire Trouble

    So I’ve been trying to get my 1999 Sea Doo XP Limited, I tried to get it started but it will only cherp and beep when I click it to start and the engine wouldn’t fire. I started looking around in it and found that the wires were chewed. Does anyone know what wires these are and where I can get...
  7. Narcisso

    2000 Seadoo XP Limited MPEM 278001526

    So, I need a new one of these or can these be repaired by someone? Does anyone have a working one for sale or any idea where I can find one that isn't seemingly overpriced. I can't really trust the ebay sellers because most don't say it is working and they are all a bit outrageously priced...
  8. K

    1998 XP Limited Electrical Issue.... Please Help!!

    I had recently purchased a 1998 XP limited and have run into a couple of issues when trying to get it fired up this week. I have used this forum in the past with it being very helpful. After searching and searching for someone that had already had this specific issue, but unfortunately have not...
  9. M

    951 carb kit

    Does it matter which carb rebuild kit I buy? Do I need genuine Mikuni kits?
  10. 9

    Beginning 98 XP Limited Project Rebuild

    Hey everybody, Just bought a fairly good condition 98 XP Limited Seadoo. Got a great price on it with a brand new Triton aluminum trailer. Just wondering if you guys would be able to give me some direction on this project, the XP hull is in great condition, however does not run, checked...
  11. N

    1999 xp limited...... need advice

    I recently purchased a 1999 xp limited with about 100 hours on it.... I test drove it twice and everything seemed fine until after I bought it and tried to take it out it wouldnt work so I have not used it more than 10 mins! I had it looked at by a reputiable seadoo repair shop and was told a...
  12. M

    New,, Looking for advice on purchase!

    Hey guys, im completely new to this site and entire jet-ski'ing as a whole. I don't know the "sea-doo-ways" or what is hated:banghead: on and what you all :thumbsup:...;your Lingo But i'm looking to learn and need some advice, thanks! Im 19, live in myrtle beach on a riverfront. I have a...
  13. D

    XP Limited Engine Fire

    Have any of you guys heard of this happening. I am looking at buying an XP Limited that had a dodgy spark plug lead that caught fire to a bit of fuel lying in the bottom of the hull. Heaps of wire damage, a few melted hoses but the hull seems untouched. It all happened on the trailer & was...
  14. N

    1999 xp limited won't go passed 5k RPMS

    First of all i would like to say hello to all. I bought my first jet ski 3 months ago in Denver. Its a 1999 XP Limited. I was glad to see such a web site with so many experinced people involed. Ok to the problem Memorial Weekend was the first time out. So i got her out on the water warmed her...
  15. R

    Need new hull for a 97 XP, 98 XP limited.

    Looking for a hull, email me with what you have. I am located in NJ, but am willing to drive or pay shipping.
  16. W

    99 XP Limited taking on water

    I recently bought a used 99 XP Limited. Upon first ride the PWC is taking on water rather quickly. I checked for any hull leaks and that is not the problem, no water enters the hull when PWC is off and sitting in water. The PWC is taking on water rather quickly at idle and speed. The exhaust...