xp 800

  1. R

    SeaDoo XP 1996 boggs down under full throttle

    Hey i’ve got a problem with my xp bogging down under full throttle and its hard to start. When under full throttle and it boggs down i pull and release the choke lever for 1-2 seconds and then it revs up again but quickly boggs down again. Is this the carbs or the fuel delivery? (My spark is...
  2. R

    1996 Xp 800 stop when hitting a wave or randomly stops.

    Hey, i got a Seadoo XP 800 that randomly stops or/and stops when i hit a wave. there is also weak spark. its also starts right up on land but in water its pretty hard to get it started.
  3. R

    SeaDoo XP 96’ reads key and beeps 4 times

    Hello, i have a 96 xp 800. Bought a MPEM for it but i can see that it belongs to a GTX and not a xp. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the 96 GTX MPEM so i can install it in my xp by cutting wires and clamp on a quick connector instead of factory connectors? (Im bought the whole front...
  4. R

    Seadoo xp 800 1996 no spark on front cylinder (mag side??)

    Hello! i got no spark on the front cylinder but i do on the back cylinder. i changed sparkplugs and coils with boots. i tried to bypass the killswitch with no luck anyone have a clue whats going on? -rubves
  5. Millermagoo

    Help fuse problem !!

    Hey there new to forum just bought a 800 xp found out the vts didnt work looked into it to find the fuse not in for vts if I have vts motor plugged in without the fuse for it in the relay clicks but right once I put a 7.5 fuse in it automatically pops and sometimes even the 5 amp fuse as well...
  6. J

    97 XP 800 electrical issue!

    Hi, I recently picked up a 97 xp 800 too cheap to let go. Needed a top end rebuild which I have done and was missing the lanyard. I have done some research and still haven't found an answer. I know I am unable to start it etc, though have been told without lanyard you can press start button 5...
  7. T

    Looking for 1996 XP 800 X4 Hull

    I am looking for a 1996 XP 800 X4 hull as well as a Hood, or just the lock assembly of the hood. also looking for the under hood storage container. PM me if you have anything i am looking for .
  8. F

    RESTO "Double Threat" Resto - 2 x 1995 XP 800s

    Hey Guys – long time lurker, first time poster. I've been restoring watercraft for a while, but never shared on the forums. Starting a new project I thought you guys might find interesting: two 1995 XP 800s. I have a lead on a third 95 XP 800, but it’s 400 miles from my house, so I’ll be...
  9. dr.crane

    1996 seadoo xp fuel line replacement

    :seeya: hi everyone this is my first post on the forum and need some advice so i just bought this 1996 seadoo xp800 which i was told was not used very much and i knew that the gray fuel lines would need to be replaced but i thought i could get away with it for a while before getting around...
  10. 7

    1996 XP 800 severe vibration

    Engine or driveline has a vibration that will shake all the bolts out of the exhaust and virtually everything else in under 5 minutes. I have pulled the drive shaft and it rolls true. When I pulled it I noticed that the rubber bumpers at each end are missing, but doubt that would cause so much...
  11. D

    1996 Seadoo XP 800 787 in Kentucky $1200.00

    I just bought two matching xp 800 skiis from an old guy today. Both had bad batteries. i replacedthe battery and one of them fired right up and runs greeat. The other one would beep once and that was it. It made a click sound but nothing else. i don't have the time/place/desire to work on...