wont turn over

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    05 GTX supercharged won't turn over

    Hey everyone I'm wondering if U can help me with my jetski problem I have a 2005 GTX supercharged Rotax engine I took it out today was going fine for five minutes then the check engine light came on it wasn't reving out properly like it wasn't getting enough fuel or something when U tryed to...
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    97 gtx wont start or crank

    i have a 97 seadoo gtx that wont start or even turnover. its been sitting in my driveway for about 3 months, the battery is fully charged. it ran fine the last time i used it and when i got home i washed and flushed it without any problems. i went to start it to winterize it and got nothing. the...
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    2000 gtx seadoo millenium oil problems

    Was wondering if your still around on the forum... I've got a 2000 millenium gtx - rfi motor that locks up with oil in the cylinder. It does fine when run more often that every week. It was a recent rebuild and ran great the first year... after sitting i tried to start it, it was froze... got a...