wiring harness

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    Help please! Wiring issue 96 xp

    Hi, new to the forum so hello from wales UK! I have a seadoo xp 96 800 and to cut a long story short it went off for a service to a as it turns out unreliable repair shop, so it comes back and all the wiring harness plugs in the front are all disconnected. Does anybody have an idea or diagram...
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    2005 Seadoo Wiring Issue

    On the wiring diagram for a 2005 GTX SC I have a question. On the diagram at the CPS sensor and TOPS valve there is a wire that comes off the TOPS valve and the CPS sensor (I think they are pu/gy and gn/or.) They appear to be bridged or connected together somewhere, Does anyone know at what...
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    2002 GTX DI Wiring Harness

    Hello all, I have an issue with my ski, it starts but does nothing more then a rough idle. Took it to the dealer, they say it is a wiring issues, power not getting properly to the injectors. I have had it in there before for an electrical issue, they replaced some of the wiring on the harness...