wiring diagram

  1. Maderseadoo

    trying to diag a bad ecu or wiring issue

    I have an 07 wake pro 215. over the last 3 years I have replaced nearly everything. the ski runs great but for only about 10-20 minutes before it goes into limp mode and a long constant beep. once I shut off and restart its fine for a minute or two to get back to the dock. I recently bought the...
  2. N

    Looking for a wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Limited

    Hello. Could someone please share, or point me in the right direction to find, the wiring diagram for the 1999 XP Ltd? Thank you in advance!
  3. T

    1997 Seadoo GTS cooling system

    I am assisting my uncle in the repair of a 1997 GTS Seadoo that appears to have 717 engine based on the manual. We would like to request a picture of the engine and cooling system to assist in the repair and proper reinstallation of the cooling hoses and wiring. If anyone has one of these...
  4. jpur2000

    Looking for a wiring diagram for a 2007 Speedster 150

    I have the repair manual and it refers to a wiring diagram on page 385 in the contents, however their is no diagram. Any suggestions?
  5. S

    1994 Seadoo XP starting problems

    I just inherited a 1994 Seadoo XP that has been sitting up for the past 10+ years. I put a new battery on it, changed the plugs and decided to try and start it before I rebuilt the carbs and cleaned the entire system out. Once I got the battery hooked up the light to the oil was on, but nothing...
  6. J

    1998 SeaDoo GTS - Wires to MPEM Diagram

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram that shows the color wires coming off of the PWC and what accessory they go to? I have a new MPEM that I am connecting and I know which accessory those wires go to, but need to match it up with what is coming off the PWC. This is for a 1998 SeaDoo GTS.
  7. H

    2005 Seadoo Wiring Issue

    On the wiring diagram for a 2005 GTX SC I have a question. On the diagram at the CPS sensor and TOPS valve there is a wire that comes off the TOPS valve and the CPS sensor (I think they are pu/gy and gn/or.) They appear to be bridged or connected together somewhere, Does anyone know at what...
  8. keithw08

    need 96 seadoo xp 787 wiring diagram

    Hello all I am currently trying to find the problem with my skis no spark problem but cannot find a wiring diagram to save my life. Of anyone has one please let me know I'm itching to ride.
  9. B

    787 infomation center wiring

    I have a 97 GTX that was in a minor collision with dock. The Information center wiring was partially torn loose, resulting in about four wires that must be re soldered to the circuit board. I have searched all of the available wiring diagrams, but none seem to show the order that the wires are...
  10. M

    Need help, please... Not getting spark

    2000 Sportster LE 951 Carb engine Not getting spark Trigger is coil within range... Two Beeps when Key is on post Cranks Strong No power to primary side of coils. Should this be constant 12vdc as with collapsing coil? No short in wires to primary side, Good ground in rear electrical...
  11. R

    Wiring Diagrams... 2002 Sea-Doo Rx Carb bogging down

    I have a 2002 sea-doo Rx Carb model. I was on the water las weekend and it just bogged down and wouldnt go above 10 mph at full throttle. It has spark. We cleaned the carbs and replaced coils. and spark plugs. Now we are looking for wiring diagrams for it. Where do you guys get your wiring...