1. M

    2019 Fish Pro - Transducer Leaking Coolant

    Just had it replaced under warranty in the fall. I think they put the same transducer back in and my first time giving people rides this year, I think it's broken again...anyone else having an issue with this transducer for their fish finder? I'd like to see if there's a different one that...
  2. Gordo

    winterizing exhaust system for speedster 150

    I am preparing to winterize my 2010 speedster 150 with the non SC , a 155 4 tec . I see in the manual that they suggest using shop air to get the water out of the exhaust system. I wonder how is it that when flushing the exhaust with a hose and water the engine needs to be running but when...
  3. S

    1998 Seadoo challenger Winterizing Not filling to bleed tube

    Hey guys quick question here. 1998 Seadoo challenger 1800 with the dual 787 engines I believe. Anyway drivers side engine is a text book case of winterizing. Clamp off the hoses, pour antifreeze in the top flush port, watch it fill up to the top of the bleed tube and release the clamps...
  4. 3ftDeep

    How to Winterize Your Sea-Doo Jet Ski

    A complete 15-step instruction video on winterizing your jet ski. Performed on a 2012 Sea-Doo GTR 215 with iBR. A must-see clip for all jet ski enthusiasts who want to keep their machines at the peak of reliability. If you like our videos, please subscribe...
  5. kunzman

    Winterizing 2012 GTI 130 questions (after searching and reading all the posts)

    My new 2012 only has one hour on it as I bought it end of season at a good price and no time to really ride it. I need to winterize it and have found several different methods and am somewhat confused especially the fogging part. Please tell me if the following would be correct: I don't...
  6. W

    Sta-Bil regular vs Sta-Bil Marine Ethanol

    We gave up on trying to winterize our 2006 Utopia 4-Tek ourselves and took it in. The guy who winterized it put 8 oz of regular Sta-bil in the tank. We normally use the Marine formula. My question is: the 8 oz treated 10 of the 35 gallons we put into the boat. Should we stick with the...
  7. X

    Winterizing or NOT

    I live in Minnesota and purchase a new 150 Speedster 255SC this year. Put 11 hours on it and changed the oil on it already. I keep it in my shop where I work, it is only heated while I am in it, as I turn the heat off when I leave. It is a big shop and has brick and drywall for 3 of my walls...
  8. J

    De-winterizing Seadoo Sportster

    I have had my 2004 Seadoo Sportster for a couple years now and the first winter I had it, I took it to a shop and they winterized it. When the weather got nice the next summer, I just charged the battery, checked all the hoses and put it in the water. However, it smoked really bad for like 10...
  9. L

    Winterizing.... Video ?

    Hi, Read a lot of the very interesting threads on winterizing involving fogging the engine, disconnecting liens and so on. Any chance one of you has a step by step with pics or even better a video on how to winterize a 250 Optimax for my Utopia .... Thank you in advance,