water in cylinder

  1. J

    RESTO Water leaking into cylinder of '97 GTS

    Bought this pwc 2 years ago for a lake vacation. It ran fine for 3 days and died. Had FullBore bore the cylinders and proceeded to rebuild the top end. The bottom seemed fine according to father-in-law (he's been turning wrenches for 60 years). I am 2 years new to pwc's. I also have a 1993 XP...
  2. two80mine

    1996 787 water in cylinder

    I have a 1996 Challenger with twin 787's. This is my first post. I need some help trying to root cause water in my cylinder. This happens randomly throughout the summer, I cannot establish a trend or pattern. The boat is kept in the water all summer. It is the white motor and the pipe plugs...
  3. two80mine

    RESTO Challenger 787 water/starting issue

    I have a 96 Challenger Twin 787 boat. Compression is good on both motors and thing runs great. Have an occasional problem with water filling or getting into cylinder while starting. Boat stays in a well. This happens randomly for no rhyme or reason. I will remove spark plug and evacuate...
  4. M

    Rave valves have brown sludge on them!

    Just want to say this forum is awesome, I was a member years ago with my 97XP, i meet some great people :and learnt some great stuff! I have just returned from a lash out in the surf on my 2000 XP (which has never has missed a beat & I keep the beast so clean) anyway on my way back to boat...
  5. N

    2002 gtx water in cylinders

    I have 2002 gtx 4 tec sea doo I am getting water in engine I jest bought it it started up fine but when I put the hose on it and ran it after shutting the motor off the motor hydro locked and would not restart I was abel to get all of the water out of the cylinders and re start it without the...
  6. D

    water getting into all three cyliners.

    need some serious help guys. i pulled em out today to get ready for the season and one would turn over once and nothing else. pulled out the plugs cranked it and blew out soooo much water. cylinders fill right up when i hook up the hose. maybe i didnt pump in enough anti-freeze when i winterized...