1. S

    2011 Sea Doo 180 Challenger SE 255 hp Super Charged For Sale $17,999.00 OBO

    2011 Sea Doo 180 Challenger SE 255 hp Super Charged. Excellent condition with only 69 hours. Great for water sports. Includes trailer, 1 tube, tow rope, 7' wakeboard pylon, wakeboard handle with rope, two anchors, and everything you need to be on the water! Serious buyers only please. Price...
  2. EasyErock

    Wakeboarding with the 3up Spark?

    Anyone have experience towing wakeboards/skiers with the Spark? I'm worried an aggressive rider will pull the back end of the Spark out since it's so light? We plan to use it most of the time on our lake for tubers and wake boarding...I'm not a pro wake boarder by any means, but I want to be...
  3. N

    Options to mount wakeboard on jet ski

    So I've seen Sea Doo offer wake board racks for the newer jet ski models but I own a 1997 GTX 3 seater and a 2000 RX two seater ski, can anyone recommend any aftermarket products that will accommodate either of the skis? I just got a wakeboard and Im excited to start. Thank you, Dean
  4. ranchand

    Islandia Wakeboard Tower?

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to install a wakeboard tower on my 03 Islandia. I'm having trouble finding examples of other islandias with towers. Do any of you have towers on yours. At this point I'm looking at the BigAir Vapor. My main concern is compatibility with the factory bimini. I would really...
  5. R

    Ski module can't get me out of water

    I was wakeboarding last night and trying out my new ski module on my GTX Unlimited. It couldn't pull me out of the water even on the highest ramp setting. It wouldn't get the boat's hull up and out of the water in time for me to get up. Does anyone know if the ski module can be adjusted for...
  6. B


    I have a brand new tower for a 200 speedster still in the wrapping..I called the maunfacturer and it is the same fit for all the speedster from now to the 90's.. Anyone need one. will break the deal of the year for it..
  7. D

    What Do I Need to Know - 2008 RXT 215

    Hi - New to the forums here. I just got a "new" 2008 RXT 215 from the dealership this past weekend with ZERO hours on it. It was actually a gift of sorts. I have never owned a boat (myself; family had one as a child) or jet ski and I would like to take it out this coming Friday for the...
  8. S

    97 speedster wake board tower

    Has anyone installed a wake board tower on a 97 speedster? if so any pics would be great aslo any perfered brands.
  9. J

    cavitation under load?

    Last summer i bought a 2007 challenger 180 se with everything but the tower for a screaming deal. first thing i did after buying it was build a tower, modeled it after the factory one. im about 200 lbs and enjoy wakeboarding (not too bad) but it seems if i have more than 3 people in the boat all...
  10. B

    Seadoo Wake -- WakeBoost Ballast system

    I'm looking to purchase a Seadoo primarily for tubing and skiing to use in place of my Pro-V Fishing boat. I'm assuming that our kids will want to Wakeboard in a couple years. I was leaning on purchasing the Seadoo Wake model. Does anyone have any experience on whether the WakeBoost...
  11. Double07

    Can I pull a wakeboard on my 98 GTX Limited?

    I just got a 98 GTX limited which I am almost done rebuilding the engine. I want to try wakeboarding this summer and was wondering if the doo can pull a wakeboard. If yes, where do I tie the rope? There is a small hook right above the two opennings in the back that squirts water when flushing...