voltage regulator

  1. I

    High Voltage Regulator Output

    Hey guys. New to the forum and looking forward to learning. I have a 2001 GTX carb model with the 951. My son-in-law recently took it out and, after 1 run, discovered the battery was dead. When I got it home, I discovered the running voltage was 12.1 volts. After doing some research, I...
  2. C

    '96 Seadoo XP 787

    So heres the story... I have had this ski for two summers now. I cleaned the carbs myself and replaced all filters, diaphragms, and etc. Brand new starter Brand new battery Brand new fuel lines Brand new fuel filter Brand new Seadoo oil Brand new Starter solenoid (last summer)...
  3. tkarvelis

    Measuring Fuel Pump and Charger current

    I am working on a DI ski, and I needed to measure the current draw of the fuel pump to see if it is going bad, and I wanted to see if the regulator was supplying the correct current as the ski is shutting off during idle, but not at 2000 and above out of the water. The charge voltage is 12.2...
  4. R

    Melted Positive Battery Terminal While Riding

    I have a 2010 Sea Doo GTI SE 155 that I just replaced the battery for the summer. I took it out and she rode great for the day. Then the next time I took her out she just quit on me. After noticing I had no power to the ski I looked at the battery and the positive terminal had been melted off. I...
  5. Q

    2010 RXT 215 high volts, low volts and a fried voltage regulator

    Last Sunday I took the ski out after not getting to ride for a few weeks. On the first run of the morning I opened up the throttle and at about 5000+ rpm I got a high volt alarm. I released the throttle, the alert went away and I couldn't duplicate it all day. No more issues. Fast forward to...
  6. F

    2003 Sea Doo GTX supercharged limited won't go over 35mph

    Having a problem with my 2003 sea doo gtx not going over 35mph and 5500rpm. on land it easily revs above 5500 rpm but under load won't go above that. i just had the super charger rebuilt sounds like its starving for gas. has a low tone in the engine when in the water. could be clogged injectors...
  7. J

    Tried to Jumpstart Boat WOOPS MPEM fail??

    Im guessing my problem is either with the voltage regulator mpem or ecu or all of the above? - 2007 Seadoo Speedster 150 My friend used the boat and the batt was dead so he tried to jump start it with his jeep.... now when i put the lanyard on the post the boat doesnt...