1. J

    Intercooler Vent Hose

    Hello everyone, I have a 2010 rxtx 260. The plastic fitting for the IC vent hose broke (I'm going to fix), but I was wondering if there was a diagram showing how the water flows in the IC and everything related (garden hose connection, IBR, etc). This is not the first time it broke as the...
  2. Aaron787gsx

    Does anyone know what these holes are on the side I know what one is not the other

    Hey everyone just out of curiousity was wondering if anyone knew what these 2 holes were on the lifer side of the ski I know one is for the fuel tank for the vent line but the other one I followed back and it doesn’t go to anything.
  3. captcharles

    How badly did I screw up fuel line vent??? '06 Utopia 205

    I was working in the engine compartment and leaned up against something and heard a pop. Much to my dismay I broke off a fuel barb fitting. How bad it this going to be? Do I have to replace the whole fuel pump or anyone know how to repair this. I think it's a fuel vent line but not certain...
  4. J

    Tempo Vent Line Replacement

    I'm in the process of replacing the original gray Tempo fuel lines on my '97 GTX & XP and was planning on leaving the vent lines alone. Fortunately, I've replaced all of the lines between the tank and the carb and I haven't seen any green 'goo' on either ski. My question is, am I safe to...