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  1. W

    95 Utopia blown motor

    Hello Seadoo friends. I am new to the forum and this is my first jetboat. I have a 95 Utopia 185 with a blown motor. It threw a rod out the side of the block. The boat itself is in good condition and I would like to keep it. I’m looking for options to get the motor either fixed or swapped to...
  2. D

    2001 Utopia 185 battery not charging

    Hi all, Battery keeps dying on my 2001 Utopia with Mercury M2 EFI V6. I am pretty sure the battery is dead because when it fails to start the boat, it cranks progressively more slowly and then does not crank at all. I can charge it up with a 12V battery charger and be back in business just...
  3. L

    Looking for part 7-5930 lining kit for Utopia 185 (2005)--shift boot. Should I sell the boat once fixed?

    I need to locate a "lining kit" (shift boot?) for my 2005 SeaDoo Utopia 185. I've located aftermarket throttle and reverse cables, which need replacing, but not this final needed part. Marina mechanic says it's #7-5930, "lining kit," an obsolete SeaDoo/Bombardier part that's no longer...
  4. S

    My first SeaDoo! (Utopia 185)

    Hi All! I'm in the process of buying my first boat, an Utopia 185, 2005. It's my first boat, inspection is due this Wednesday, I've been looking for information since and found this forum. I've found that Mercury engine are really reliable but if they break it's a pain to get repairs and very...
  5. K

    Seadoo Utopia Engine Hours

    Hello, I currently own a 2004 Seadoo Utopia 185. The boat has been great, but I am relocating and need to sell. I lost two customers as I am unable to provide them with the hours for the boat. When I call Seadoo they said since it has a Mercury engine they’re unable to pull from the computer...
  6. H

    Advice/Thoughts before buying a 2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 w/ 200 HP Fuel Injected Mercury Jet Boat

    Hello all! I'm new to jet boats and boats in particular but was curious about a SeaDoo Jet Boat I've been eyeing on craigslist for some time now. It's a 2003 SeaDoo Utopia 185 w/ 200 HP Mercury and the seller is asking $9400. Seems to be in pretty good condition from what I see from the...
  7. J

    2003 Utopia 185 200 Hp Merc Optimax vs. 2004 Utopia 205 250 hp

    Hi All, I am sure everyone will tell me this type of questions is already in forum but this is my first time here and hoping to get some good experienced Utopia boaters to help me. Looked at lots of bowriders but now thinking jetboat might be more fun and easier in and out of water, etc...
  8. M

    2002 Utopia 185 No Gas?

    I have a 2002 Utopia 185 with the 200HP DFI Mercury M2. The engine will start and run fine for 10-15 minutes, then it shuts off as if it is out of gas. I have recently replaced all fuel, fuel lines and spark plugs trying to fix the issue, though it still persists. Once the engine stops I can...
  9. N

    lost key

    Posted this on meet and greet forum, but thought I'd try here as well: I have a 2001 Utopia 185 with the 200 hp Merc Optimax engine. I've lost my key and lanyard. I don't believe it was a DESS key, just plain metal key with lanyard attached. Called dealer and key doesn't seem to be available...
  10. N

    lost key

    I have a 2001 Utopia 185 with the 200 hp Merc Optimax engine. I've lost my key and lanyard. I don't believe it was a DESS key, just plain metal key with lanyard attached. Called dealer and key doesn't seem to be available, although lanyard is @$35. How can I get another key?
  11. J

    03 Utopia 210hp Carb'd merc not starting

    I was using my boat for the fist time this spring and everything was going to fine cruising for about an hour. I stopped at a dock to get lunch about 30 mins came back the boat wouldn't start. It would not turnover, sometimes it cranks for a few seconds other times much longer. Checked the...
  12. mdchachi

    Some questions about my 2001 Utopia 185

    OK, I just took out my 2001 Utopia 185 for the first time aside from the test drive. Just a handful of random questions: - I can't hear the bilge air blower. Is it really that silent or is it not working? How can I check it? (ie where is it?) - The bilge pump is disconnected from the...
  13. T

    Advice before buying a 2003 Sea Doo Utopia 185

    Considering a 2003 Sea Doo Utopia 185, never bought a boat before. They're asking $12,900, only info given is "seldom used, am/fm stereo cd, bilge pump, coast guard pack, trailer, original owner, prof maintained". What questions should I be asking, what problems do 2003 Sea Doo Utopia...
  14. M

    SeaDoo Utopia 185 - starting and idle issues

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Utopia 185 powered by a Merc 210. I've had it for just over a year now. The boat runs great for the most part. When it's been sitting for about a week, it struggles to start. Turns over but doesn't catch until to you try it about 8 times. Could this be a battery...
  15. D

    2001 utopia 185 - no low speed thrust

    I have the Optimax 200 hp engine. it is supposed to thrust at low speed when you turn all the way left or right...which helps maneuver at low speeds. Right now, I get nothing. Overall acceleration is fine, but I miss the low speed thrust......