1. SamTheSeaDooMan

    Cheap Tunes?

    After doing a lot of research I am getting black and white results... I have a 2020 GTI 130 and was looking to tune it up to 170 to get a better 0-50 time and also to get top speed up just a notch. I have seen one thread where someone says I can spend $300, hook up a piece of hardware and simply...
  2. R

    2022 spark 60hp vs 90hp vs Trixx

    I was planning on buying the 60hp spark, tune it to 110 and put a stage 3 kit on it but the guy at the dealership said the fuel pump, injectors and many other mechanical things around the engine are undersized on the 60hp and won't tune up to 110. I'm pretty sure it's BS. After reviewing part...
  3. JoeZ

    Sea-Doo Spark Build Series Preview - Presented by PWC Muscle

    Hey Guys, quick preview for our PWC Muscle Spark Build Series. We'll be putting out a full intro video next week, but too excited to not share some of the details beforehand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_M9w4V-hJM
  4. S

    digital dials stopped working

    hi, so i have a 2007 RXP, and i've been maintaining it as best as i can. I do full tuneup myself every year, and usually replace the battery (although original lasted 3 seasons) This year, i tried charging the old battery (it came up to 12 v) but the jet ski wouldn't start. My neighbor had...
  5. R

    carb adjustment help and impeller help???

    I have a 97 sea doo xp and my rebuilt engine is about to come in next week. I need to break it in before i can go full throttle but to break it in i need to at least roughly adjust my cleaned carbs. can someone tell me what i need to do to tune my carbs with out the engine running so that i can...