1. P

    FOR SALE Seadoo Alignment, Carbon Seal Tool, Crank/Cam Locking Tools

    I have several Seadoo 1503 tools for sale. Also have floating ring tool and PTO support tool (never used), as well as cam and crank locking tools (used once). WSM Sea-Doo 1503 PTO Support Tool! This part meets or exceeds OEM specifications! Fits the applications listed below: Brand : WSM Item...
  2. rogerparker

    About Cabinet Table Saw!

    This is really off topic but I need some help. Cabinet Table Saw should be your first choice if you are a professional or DIY woodworker for a smooth and attractive surface. I wanna buy a cabinet table saw, which specification should I look at buying a cabinet table saw? Thanks In Advance.
  3. G

    Looking to rent/borrow tool

    I'm replacing the engine in my 'Doo, and can't seem to get the mag flywheel off using my universal puller. The factory tool P/N 295 000 106 looks like a very sturdy unit that will pull it off in seconds, but I don't want to wait several days for delivery. (Update: Tools have arrived.)
  4. T

    Three Drain Plugs, One Was Never There...

    Hi All, I noticed today that there are three drain plugs in the rear of the 2015 Sea Doo GTS 130. Two go to the main innards and one to a hose of some sort. The one to the hose is missing and I actually suspect it hasn't been there to begin with... Could anyone tell me what that drain...
  5. brp.diagnostic.kit

    Hello from Portugal!

    Hi for all members! My name is Dmitriy. I am ukranian, but living in Portugal. I have my own web site were I sell BRP BUDS Diagnostic System.
  6. T

    Greetings from California

    Hello everyone, Glad to be a part of this forum. Hopefully, I'll be able to eventually add more value than I extract! I recently bought a 2006 GTX LTD and 2006 GTX Wake for my family's lake house in central CA (Lake Nacimiento). I'm a big DIY fan (at least on my BMW) and want to learn and...
  7. stfoulks

    Toolbox/Spare Part Tips - Sportster 1800

    I've just gotten a '98 Sportster 1800 - first boat I've "owned"... I'm trying to assemble a reasonable tool kit and a few spare parts that can come in handy. We'll be trailering the boat to wherever we go, so without going overboard, I was just wondering some of the members would say the...